400㎡Americanpastoral,leisurelyandcomfortablepastoralstyle,naturalandsimpleaesthetic room decor

Being in the fence, the heart is idyllic, the owner of this case is a university professor, and his wife is a gentle and kind middle school Chinese teacher, who has been influenced by literature for a long time, although living in a fast-paced big city and In the heavy work,christmas decorationsbut the heart is very longing for the romantic pastoral life.

During the process of communication, the designer also gained insight into her daughters love for reading, and at the same time hoped to create an environment where she loves books,christmas decorationsCultivate your daughters interest in reading.

The designer recommended American-style home decoration for the owner based on their preferences. The owner also entrusted the design of the house to the designer, hoping In the end, a satisfactory result can be presented.christmas decorations

Basic informationchristmas decorations

Project name: Jingdu Yuefu

Project Address: Yancheng, China

Project Category: Villa

< p>Project area: 400㎡

Unit structure

The first floor of the house The main hospitality areachristmas decorationsis large and bright. The guest dining room and kitchen adopt a semi-enclosed open structure to deepen the communication and interaction between the functional areas.

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Because there is an elevator at home, the elderly room is not on the first floor Instead, it is located on the second floor with a quieter environment. In addition, the owners and their husbands are usually busy with work, and the children are always taken care of by the elderly. Therefore, the elderly room is adjacent to the two childrens rooms, which is also convenient for the elderly to enjoy family happiness.christmas decorations

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Considering that the owner and his wife like to read books, the third floor is close to the master bedroom and The study is in the form of a suite, which has a more scholarly atmosphere for reading. The rest of the cloakroom, toilet and drying area are arranged in an L-shaped moving line to save space.christmas decorations

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Living roomchristmas decorations

The most important thing in living room is comfort and comfort. Warm,The designer uses warm apricot as the main color of the living roomchristmas decorations, and at the same time, it is matched with dark brown wooden soft furnishings to increase the warm and warm effect of the living room. At the same time, on the whole,stone columns and plaster lines are used to reflect the American retro feeling.

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The sofa background wall is transformed into a bookcase with closet elementschristmas decorations, the symmetrical distribution is more visually harmonious and beautiful. The floor-to-ceiling windows on the whole side flood the living room with plenty of sunlight, and the beautiful scenery outside the window is also unobstructed.

The classic partial ceiling is matched with the beautiful all-copper ceiling, and the American country atmosphere is born spontaneously. The gray fabric sofa has a skin-friendly texture and moderate softness and hardness, which makes people not want to get up once they sit down.christmas decorations

Restaurantchristmas decorations

The combination of retro wooden beams and small round lights is a good fusion of American retro and modern simplicitychristmas decorations, it not only has the natural simplicity of American style, but also brings a modern sense of fashion.

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Elegant and delicate yellow bell flower chandeliers create a gentle and elegant dining atmosphere. The gray dining chairs and the white flowers on the table bring elegance to the extreme and are full of atmosphere.christmas decorations

Kitchenchristmas decorations

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The kitchen is open, integrated with the dining room, hiding the range hood and refrigerator,christmas decorations< span>It will not look out of place, and it will be more beautiful and elegant when integrated.

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The walls are made of light yellow tiles, cute and fresh. I chose a cabinet of South American cherry wood, with its own pastoral and leisurely flavor. The island is combined with the dining table, and the island is equipped with a sink and storage to meet the needs of storage and washing vegetables, and is convenient for the owner to use.christmas decorations

Yardchristmas decorations

Design a small indoor yard and open skylights to allow sunlight to come in. With a large gray sofa and a bamboo woven single sofa, you can invite many friends to have dinner and chat in your spare time.christmas decorations

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Arrange wooden wall cabinets to store drinks, Can also be used for storage. Full of green plants, it seems that you can feel the warmth and tranquility of nature, which makes people relieve the pressure immediately, get rid of the shackles of the city, and return to their originality.christmas decorations

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An entertainment area is designed on the side of the yard, with fine murals and log style The table and chairs, plus the drinks and lamps on the table, make people feel like they are on a Hawaiian beach vacation.christmas decorations

Main bathroomchristmas decorations

The bathroom adopts a circular partial ceiling and is equipped with classical chandeliers, bringing an elegant and dignified feeling. Dry and wet separation is done, which is convenient for cleaning after bathing. Place the bathtub by the window to give the impression of sunbathing.christmas decorations

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The soft-covered washbasin is made of walnut, and one side is made of walnut. Built-in to increase storage space. Mirrors are combined with metal elements to increase the overall texture.christmas decorations


The cloakroom is made of transparent and bright cream white, and the floor is covered with American-style wooden striped floor, which plays a visual extension in space Effect.christmas decorations

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Double-row U-shaped layout on both sides of the room, drawers The storage area is separated from the clothes hanging area, and the storage space is more abundant, which is easy to take at a glance.christmas decorations

Master Bedroom

In order to meet the requirements of the owner and his wife, the designer uses partial ceilings and shelves to partition the space, separating the office area from the sleeping area In the area, the background wall of the room is simply decorated with simple lines and wood veneer panels.christmas decorations

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American-style furniture and classical chandeliers are the most prominent style features of the bedroom, Pair it with a waxed dark wood floor to create a natural and romantic warmth.christmas decorations

Conclusionchristmas decorations

If you like the same style, welcome to participate in the discussion in the message area, get Free design proposals and advice.

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