74squaremetersusetheAmericanpastoraldesigntogivethespaceanaturalandfreshairbedroom interior design

This is a case of a modern American-style two-bedroom apartment with a construction area of 74㎡. The layout of the house is relatively square. In order to make the space look more spacious, the designer has opened up the living room and dining room, and used a sofa as a partition. Dividing the space, coupled with the elements of American style, it looks elegant and generous; with white as the base and blue as the color, the overall design brings a refreshing and lively feeling; the space layout is both regular and decent, and it also integrates The owners living needs are spacious and concise. In the soft decoration design, the American pastoral design is used to give the space a natural and fresh style, and the finishing touch makes life more stylish.mirror design

The living room is the facade, and it is also the basis that can best represent the quality of the house decoration. At present, the first thing most families see when they enter the house is the living room, so how can people feel comfortable at first glance?mirror design


The living room is not big, so I gave up the coffee table and used The sofa is used as a partition between the living room and the dining room. The carpets on the ground are very creative, and the floor with antique bricks also brings the unique beauty of American stylemirror design


The TV background wall of the living room is the design of the cabinets on both sides and the paint in the middle, and the plaster line border decorative lines are made on the TV background wall , with American-style TV cabinets and wall lamps, it is very beautifulmirror design

Many people in the bedroom decoration are used to putting clothes in the wardrobe, and the room will become empty. If the bedroom space is relatively large, a small cloakroom can be arranged in the corner of the bedroom to store some clothes that do not need to be put away immediately.mirror design


The bedside background wall of the master bedroom is also painted Gray-blue, with plaster line border lines and wall lamps, soft-packed bedside backs and American-style bedside tables, it looks very elegant and generousmirror design

The decoration design of the bathroom should be bright and clean tones, giving A bright, spacious and clean feeling. In the lighting design, soft and bright lights should be selected, which are not dazzling, and can clearly see various indoor facilities. At the same time, pay attention that the edges and corners of the bathroom facilities should not be too protruding, so as not to hurt people; the ground is clean and bright without slipping, so as not to fall.mirror design


The interior of the bathroom is designed to separate wet and dry, and the shower room , toilet and bathroom cabinet are in a line-shaped layout. The gray-blue bathroom cabinet echoes with other spaces. After adding metal elements, it looks more stylishmirror design

The decoration design of the restaurant plays an important role in the family. Although it is not as dazzling as the TV background wall and sofa background wall in the living room, a unique and creative restaurant design will still bring a different experience to your home life.mirror design


The restaurant is designed with a combination of card seats and storage cabinets , make a card seat near the window, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window when eating, and the refrigerator is embedded in the wall, which also looks more integratedmirror design

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When decorating the kitchen countertop, it is recommended that you must To install water retaining strips, it is inevitable that water will flow to the ground or seep into the wall when washing vegetables. If it is not cleaned in time, it will be very troublesome to deal with, so the kitchen countertop decoration must install water retaining strips, so that it will be very convenient and practical to clean up. .mirror design


The interior of the kitchen is a one-line cabinet arrangement The design of a small bar, the gray-tone floor with white cabinet doors, black countertops and marble wall tiles, the whole kitchen looks very layered.mirror design

Modern peoples study is no longer just a place for study. Some people like to put a computer. It is not only a place for leisure and entertainment, but also an office. The light in this space should not be too strong, and it will cause visual fatigue for a long time. , affecting work efficiency.mirror design


The balcony outside the master bedroom was converted into a study work The bay window is matched with the desk and cabinet, and the storage is in place, so there is no need to worry about the storage space in the bedroom will not be enoughmirror design

Children are lively by nature, and bright and bright colors help children maintain happy mood. Color can regulate childrens emotions and has a positive side, so color matching is also very important. Do not use dark tones, which is not conducive to childrens physical and mental development and character cultivation.mirror design


The childrens room is pink as the main color, pink The combination with white and wood color also makes people feel romantic and simple, abandoning the bedside table and replacing it with other furniture, it looks more spaciousmirror design

The entrance will be seen as soon as you enter the door, so whether you live by yourself When guests are at home, the moment they enter the porch, they must be in a good mood. This is the purpose of porch decoration. Therefore, the style of the entrance should be unified with the living room, and the decoration need not be too deliberate. A shoe cabinet, a full-length mirror, and a shoe changing stool can also be placed, which can enhance the practicality.mirror design


The entrance hallway is connected with the living room and dining room , make a top-to-top cabinet on the side of the entrance door, and the cabinet also extends to the living room, so that you can have more storage spacemirror design


In the soft decoration design, the American pastoral design is used to give the space a natural and fresh style, and the finishing touches make life more stylish.mirror design

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