79㎡smallapartmentwithmodernAmericanstylemixandmatchstyle,simplecolormatching+largeareaoflighting,thewholehouseisrefreshingandkitchen decor

This is a design case with an interior area of 79 square meters. The apartment is very good. It is square and has no space for corners. It has three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. The male owner prefers the modern style with neat texture, while the female owner likes the sweet and elegant American style. The former emphasizes rational simplicity and large-scale lighting, while the latter hopes to add a little softness and elegance. With good and adequate two-way communication benchmarks, create a unique mix-and-match home!wall decor


| Entrance design|wall decor

Black and gray flow pattern hexagonal bricks, guide the beginning of the home circulation, set foot on the irregularly arranged bricks, Usher in a light atmosphere and take advantage of the trend as an invisible dividing line with the public space. Taking a closer look, under the suspended cabinet, the sense of spaciousness is subtly extended by the reflection of the tea mirror.wall decor


Combined with full-length mirror, hanging The custom-made cabinet set in the area and the empty cabinet, the wooden texture is combined with the grille vocabulary and the gray door, the three are in one go, the purpose of storing shoes and arranging the appearance in series, the second clothes after returning home can also be temporarily Hang it up and keep it fresh and tidy.wall decor


| Living Room Design|< /p>wall decor

A large piece of transparent light diffuses into the house, and the wooden shutters, a must-have classic element of the American style that the hostess is fond of, are accompanied by wooden shutters. On the sofa wall, the Morandi blue-painted line panel exudes classical elegance, and the suspended ceiling fan further elevates the beauty of the style.wall decor


Turn around and look to the opposite side The scene is a low-key and restrained reflection of another style. The use of imitation clear water formwork material, can act as a TV wall, the gray-scale soft fog feeling and the elegant blue line board complement each other, specially tune out the just sweet and not greasy home scene, at the same time make good use of the concave feature under the beam to install laminates , strive for upright space.wall decor


| Restaurant Design|< /p>wall decor

home decor

Arranged at the relay point between the dustfall area and the living room, the dining area is demarcated by a movable and movable rounded dining table, both of which belong to the moist oak color system, reducing the visual burden. Despite blurring the boundaries between fields, each has its own full-featured performance in a compact layout.wall decor

< p>The Buddhist hall block, which was decided in accordance with Feng Shui considerations, is different from the traditional towering feeling. On the premise of no damage to sincerity and respect, the designer adopts the method of lowering the worship platform, and presents it and tries to be as level as the dining table. The restrained system cabinet creates a modern home Buddhist hall. In order to make the vision of the Buddhist hall more harmonious and integrated, the light oak color that is close to the floor, the adjacent dining table, and the modeling cabinet in the entrance area is selected. The soft tone continues the quiet and elegant atmosphere when worshiping the Buddha. The vertical space adjacent to the wall adopts a square concave shape. The platform + opening and closing door is convenient for placing the coffee machine and increasing the storage energy.

| Master bedroom design|wall decor

The bedroom is spread out in soft milk tea color, which conveys an elegant and refined, gentle and comfortable feeling. The head of the bed is also composed of American-style wire boards, which are divided and framed to create an elegant charm. Two simple metal lamps Wall lamp, light up the warm reading scene before going to bed.wall decor


Integrated with the wall The integrated wardrobe uses sliding doors to flatly collect the owners clothes and accessories, and hide behind the headboard is the path leading to the master bathroom.wall decor


| Second bedroom design|wall decor

With the wooden base embedded in the drawer, the raised bed frame to support the mattress, the overhead cabinet + white run and simple and clean one-line desk, creating a simple and uncomplicated childrens room.wall decor



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