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The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea is the sparkling white villages of Greece under the blue sea and blue sky, the Cote dAzur and the white sandy beaches of Spain, and the blue-purple aroma of lavender in southern France. Today, we dont have to envy, the Mediterranean decoration style has swept the world. If you cant go to the Mediterranean, give your home a Mediterranean-style decoration, free, romantic, and leisurely, as if you are on vacation every day.boho decor

Living Roomboho decor

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▲The living room as a whole is a combination of blue and white, adding wood-colored furniture, giving people a kind of Clean and bright visual sense.

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▲The sofa background wall uses the design of cultural bricks, which looks random but not messy, more complete than decoration The whole wall is more beautiful.


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▲The restaurant uses a small bar A half partition is made, which can prevent some small objects while dividing the area.


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▲The kitchen is mainly white Bricks are used to pave the way, which makes use of the practicality of ceramic tiles and makes it easier to clean.

Master Bedroom

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▲The main bedroom is mainly The green color is dominant, which adds a little color to the space, and also uses the space in front of the window to create a reading area.

Kids Room

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▲Full of girly hearts Pink is integrated into the room. Although there are only single beds, wardrobes and small bedside tables, the overall visual effect is very warm and romantic.

Secondary bedroom

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▲The second bedroom is relative to Relatively simple and elegant, the light blue background wall adds a different kind of warmth to the room.


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▲Dry and wet separation is the most The basic configuration, pure white tones make the bathroom look brighter and cleaner.

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