90squaremetersofmodernsimplicity,aspacethatreducescomplexitytosimplicity,simpleandnatural,andsavesmoney!aesthetic room decor

Simple style is cheap in the impression of many people, it is indeed such a simple and generous space , there wont be a lot of wasteful design, but the effect can be very delicate. In this set of 90 square meters of just-needed small units, the overall space is based on clean hard decoration. In the case of simple hard decoration that saves money, it is matched with blue, gray and pink soft furniture to make the simple space present. It creates a romantic and comfortable atmosphere, giving people a simple and natural life experience.ornaments

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▲The porch floor is based on gray and white hexagonal bricks, combined with a custom The combination of shoe cabinet + changing shoe stool makes the atmosphere of home Appears to be functional yet relaxed and comfortable.ornaments

Living roomornaments



▲The living room space is simple and clean Mainly, the plaster line in the simple corridor of the ceiling and the modern IKEA TV cabinet make the space look comfortable and natural.ornaments


▲There are two minimalist decorative paintings on the light blue sofa wall, and there is a large refrigerator next to the light blue fabric sofa. The ground is simple and exquisite The carpet makes the space full of simple and natural atmosphere.ornaments

▲The blue and white double-joint minimalist small coffee table also allows metal fruit baskets and glass bottles to be placed. The simple arrangement also makes the space appear practical and artistic.ornaments


▲There is no complicated shape and design, a simple space, with comfortable and simple furniture, brings a young and comfortable atmosphere .ornaments


▲The restaurant area faces the entrance The door, simple solid wood dining table and chairs, dining chairs with fabric cushions, checkered tablecloths, a dark blue chandelier, the overall space is simple and comfortable, and the dining atmosphere is comfortable and fun.ornaments


▲ Dining table metal frame fruit basket, blue water bottle, and a decorative painting with plant patterns on the wall, grey and pink fabric dining chairs, The atmosphere is simple and natural.




section> >▲The kitchen opens up to the living balcony, making the space more spacious and bright. On the basis of gray floor and wall tiles, it is matched with wood-colored custom cabinets to make the cooking atmosphere more relaxed and calm.ornaments

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▲Bedroom in blue bed The foundation of the head wall is matched with a practical and comfortable fabric backrest bed. There is also a wooden storage rack on the side of the bedside backrest, and there are drawers under the bed body. The overall design is very practical and delicate.ornaments



▲The blue background wall, the gray-pink backrest, and the light green bed linen make the space appear dynamic, concise and comfortable.ornaments

Kids Room

▲The childrens room is decorated with pink-toned bedside walls, curtains and sheets, making the space full of simple and romantic temperament. A childrens desk is also set between the bedside and the wardrobe, providing a quiet and comfortable practical space for children to do their homework.ornaments


▲ There is also a small storage cabinet on the side of the bedside backrest in the childrens room, which acts as a bedside table, small and practical.



< span>▲The bathroom is based on the grey-toned wall and floor space, and a alcove is installed next to theshower roomornaments, making it more convenient to store bathroom supplies. After installing the black shower room and hardware, the space looks more stylish and dignified.



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