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Design description: The modern style is simple in appearance and strong in function, emphasizing the singleness and abstraction of interior space form and objects. The busy life in the city has already made us tired of spending time and money, and we prefer a quiet, peaceful, bright, spacious and comfortable home to eliminate the fatigue of work and forget the hustle and bustle of the city.garden statues

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The entire three-dimensional form of the space is integrated with methodical, rhythmic curves.garden statues

The bedroom should be quiet as a resting space; at the same time, the environmental safety of the bedroom is also very important. To make the bedroom both quiet and environmentally friendly, the most effective way is to do it through basic decoration, that is, to take corresponding measures from the ceiling, wall, and floor of the bedroom.garden statues

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Hard decoration and soft decoration are made with simple shape, pure texture and fine craftsmanship

Although the area of the bathroom is relatively small, it is very important in the whole home space part. Bathroom decoration should not only ensure basic living needs, but also ensure comfort and safety.garden statues

house interior design

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The design of the bathroom is simple and smooth, and the color contrast is stronggarden statues

The choice of dining table must be inseparable from life, and the dining table also plays an important role in family life. The dining table exists in our life. If there are elderly and children at home, a round table can be used because it is not angled, which can prevent us from bumping into it.garden statues

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Open space, transparent inside and outside, pursue unrestricted freedom in space graphic designgarden statues

living room decor

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