97flatNordicminimalistthree-bedroom,whitespace+logcolorisverysimple,thewholerowofcabinetsisverypractical!aesthetic room decor


section>< span>This case is a set of 97-square-meter Nordic minimalist three-bedroom. In the decoration, the whole house is designed with a large area of blank space, and the appropriate log color embellishment adds more simplicity and fashion.In terms of design, a whole row of cabinets are installed on the TV wall. According to the different spatial locations, the depth of the cabinets is also from shallow to deep. The reasonable design greatly improves the storage function of the living room. , and make full use of the space.christmas table decorations

Planchristmas table decorations

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原始图分析:①The kitchen space of the original apartment is very cramped.②The width of the second bedroom on the south side is too narrow, not enough to place the bed independently.③The original toilet space is too small.④Space storage space as much as possible to strive for.christmas table decorations

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Analysis of the floor plan after renovation:①Integrated design of the kitchen and kitchen to increase the use of kitchen space②In order not to compress the restaurant due to the increase of the kitchen, I also like the kitchen, The dining room and living room have a reasonable division of space, so the dining table is placed against the wall in the form of a bar, and two invisible sliding doors are added to block the cooking fumes.③The dislocation wall between the master bedroom and the second bedroom can reasonably allocate the space of the two rooms and increase the functionality.④Powerful storage system. The TV cabinet in the row on the left hand side of the house greatly increases the overall storage capacity of the house.⑤Dry and wet separation is always a good solution to the problem of bathroom size.christmas table decorations

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Living roomchristmas table decorations

从入The location of the household extends to the TV wall, and cabinets are installed, including shoe cabinets, display cabinets, TV wall storage cabinets, etc. Cabinets in different areas meet different needs. There are open and close designs, which also increase the visual aesthetic effect.christmas table decorations

White handleless cabinet, with local wood color, the effect is simple and fashionable. The traditional TV cabinet is omitted at the bottom, which is more neat and unified.christmas table decorations

A large area of the living room is left blank, not only will it not be monotonous, but also more advanced and attractive. There is no main light on the top surface, it is illuminated by downlights, and the surrounding black lines are outlined, which is more beautiful.christmas table decorations

Light-colored fabric sofas, marble coffee tables, and carpets are relatively simple and elegant, but single seats and various green plants add to the Lots of nature.christmas table decorations

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Cookingchristmas table decorations

The use of white tiles and painted cabinet doors in the kitchen can naturally create a sense of space and comfort, and brighten the overall tone of the space. The plaid tiles are matched with green plants, which is a refreshing and natural style.christmas table decorations

From this angle, the wooden veneer on the left is a concealed sliding door design. There is a glass sliding door behind the wooden sliding door, and the two doors are closed. When the kitchen and the living room can be divided.christmas table decorations

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bathroom wall decor

过道墙壁、吊顶上的线条灯, Add some fun to a boring space. The black stainless steel pressure strips respectively convert the material of the wall and make a good closing treatment.christmas table decorations

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Bathroomchristmas table decorations

panwxlazy=1&bathroom drysection The design of the area is simple and elegant. The mirror cabinet and bathroom cabinet can store daily toiletries to ensure that this area is clean and tidy.christmas table decorations

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Master Bedroom

主The combination of gray and white is very elegant, which makes the bedroom return to the purest sleep function, quiet and warm.christmas table decorations

Using the dislocation design of the wall, take out a concave space on the wall at the end of the bed, and set the desk in it, Beautiful and space-saving.christmas table decorations


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Secondary bedroomchristmas table decorations

metal wall art

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