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About] Announcement of Tendering for the Construction of Decoration Project at No. 62 Gulou West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing(Tendering No.: AR2204010007)Project Location: Beijing1. Tendering ConditionsBeijing Beijing The decoration project of No. 62, Gulou West Street, Xicheng District has been approved by the project approval/approval/recording authority. The source of project funding is self-raised funds of 18.61 million yuan, and the tenderer is Beijing Huali Jiahe Industrial Co., Ltd. This project already has the bidding conditions, and the bidding method is now open bidding. 2. Project overview and bidding scopeScale: The construction site of this project is No. 62, Gulou West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing; the project scale of the project The total construction area of the project is 2816.71 square meters. The estimated contract price is 1861 (10,000 yuan) ); the planned construction period of this project is 130 calendar daysScope: This bidding project is divided into 1 bidding section, and this bidding is among them:(001) Decoration project of No. 62 Gulou West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing;3. Qualification requirements of bidders(001 Decoration Project of No. 62 Gulou West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing) Qualification and ability requirements of bidders 3.1 Bidding of this project Grade [new] and above qualifications, in the past 3 years (September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2022) at least one project that has been completed and the project cost is not less than 18 million yuan (based on the signed single construction contract contract) The performance of the decoration and decoration project (similar to the description of the project in recent years), and has corresponding construction capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, funds, etc., among which, the project manager proposed by the bidder must have the second-level registered construction engineer professional in construction engineering and The above-level registered construction engineer has the qualification of practicing, and has a valid safety production assessment certificate (B version), and shall not be the project manager of other construction projects under construction when determining the winning bidder. 3.2 Bidding for this project (orally accepted; not accepted) is a joint bid. Consortium bids shall meet the following requirements:(1) All parties to the consortium must sign a consortium agreement in the format provided in the bidding documents, clarifying the rights and obligations of the leader of the consortium and all parties;> (2) All parties to the consortium shall no longer participate in the qualification examination in the same project by themselves or by joining other consortiums in their own names.3.3 No other requirements;Consortium bidding is not allowed for this project.Fourth, acquisition of bidding documentsAcquisition time: from 09:00 on September 19, 2022 to 16:00 on September 23, 2022The price of each set of bidding documents is 500 yuan, after-sales not back.V. Submission of bidding documentsSubmission deadline: October 10, 2022 09:30Six. Bid opening timeBid opening time: October 10, 2022 09:30br>VII.OthersBidding scope: demolition and renovation projects, decoration projects, water supply and drainage projects, heating projects, fire-fighting water projects, fire-fighting electrical projects, electrical projects and other design drawings, all projects in the bill of quantities.Contact: Wang GongTel: 15711420489Email: [email protected]wall mirror

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