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Like the moment when the morning light rises, You Heng condenses the tranquility of the night at that moment, and the shades and shades wander in the overlapping shadows of light and shadow chasing each other. The grand narrative background is explained in grayscale, filled with sunlight, mixed and matched with old furniture, and also shows the preference of a family of six for gray and their own personality tree skirt

As the parents get older, the cumbersome decoration and closed layout of the past have been changed, and the public space has been opened up to facilitate the life scene, and let the sunlight flow freely, so that the Between the square inches, clear reflections tree skirt

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Continuing the timeless classics of antique furniture, and delicately matched with the modern concise frame and scenery, the grayscale space carefully wraps the daily living of six people, and the building materials and colors describe the familys common memory, and then build a rich layer, chanting life into tree skirt

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The family has a deep love for the style of Molecular Gentleness, so they mixed modern neatness and Nordic simplicity, and successfully set the tone for this blueprint. The color matching was extended from the marble statue and the gray stone brick building, and the gorgeous curved lines of the statue were captured, making good use of three sides. The advantages of lighting, the stacking is like a garden-like comfortable natural atmosphere, and it truly reflects the daily life of this tree skirt

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The suite is 208㎡, with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 4 bathrooms, and the number of occupants is 6. It conforms to the original The layout, after the entry is maintained, is centered on the public domain, and each member’s bedroom is arranged around the two ends, and the different needs of each room are re-incorporated. By partially changing the direction of the door, a corridor axis that runs through the whole room is opened to simplify the past. Twisted and fragmented tree skirt

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Entrance Designchristmas tree skirt

The terrazzo floor and the line board ceiling open a grey and simple prelude, and a light and breathable atmosphere is intertwined The house is filled with light, revealing some perspectives along the blank of the door. The modern and timeless quality and antique furniture compose a song, humming the unique taste of this family of tree skirt

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The light from the side is slanted and knocked down, passing through the gray glass sliding door, this side is a transparent walk-in wardrobe, saying goodbye to the oppressive feeling of the previous entrance cabinet, truthfully expressing the spaciousness of the entrance, laying a comfortable and open home tree skirt

Living room designchristmas tree skirt

The curved ceiling is gently scratched In the sky, the beams that traverse between the guest and dining rooms are decorated, and the field separation is subtly pushed. The walnut color is erected into a wall with a heavy attitude, adding a natural texture to the clean wall, using the contrast of color shades, supplemented by shallow outlines of shelves The board is used to frame the main wall of one side tree skirt

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Remove the old and complicated wall decorations in the past, and open up the open dining area. The public space is made of light gray to invite plenty of sunlight to enter the room. It is matched with floor-to-ceiling blinds to create a visual sense like a floor-to-ceiling window, which is a simple background color. Infused with a sense of tree skirt

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Restaurant Design

With the rich lighting, choose rattan single chairs and suspended chandeliers to complement the rich colors The elegant dining table and sideboard echo the beige sofa in the living room and the retro furniture in the porch, blending modern and old elements in the sleek lines, weaving a lazy and warm dining tree skirt

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A middle island made of long brick + terrazzo elements is launched, opening the original closed cooking area, and flexibly matched with glass and pure white iron pieces, depicting the bar frame scene like a coffee shop, and it is also placed in the ㄇ-shaped kitchen. Large-capacity storage cabinets complement the storage needs of the tree skirt

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Study Room Design

Crossing the rounded doorway behind the TV wall, the straight-grained light track enters through the Changhong glass , vaguely released a breath of relief for the exquisite study. The interior uses walnut, which is the favorite of the TV wall in the living room, and uses dark tones to precipitate a focused working atmosphere. It smoothes the beam and column techniques, and pulls out the couch and wall cabinet. From then on, the sun is the companion, and the busy life rhythm is tree skirt

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bathroom wall decor

Master Bedroom Designstrong>

Place pure and refreshing white, the marble is injected with a ray of natural charm, and the door frames on both sides are folded in the arms of the sun, this sunny picture The clean appearance is exactly what the owner wants. The spotless tonality makes the abrupt visual sense of the beams and columns dissipate from the light scratches, and is accompanied by a wall lamp at the head of the bed to set off the warm tree skirt

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Main bathroom/clothing room design

Considering the high demand for girls clothing storage, the bathroom aisle was separated and used as a When used in the cloakroom, as the sliding door is slowly pushed open, the round arch door frame is vividly lined, and the fresh and pure white vision is synchronously continued. In accordance with the girls dressing and grooming habits, the washbasin is pushed out of the bathroom, and the one-line wardrobe is used again. Consolidate the prominent column, continue to write arc lines and golden accessories, rendering a gentle and elegant tree skirt

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The master bathroom introduces the rustic texture of terrazzo, and the shower room and bathtub are used to close the abnormal space, and the dry and wet space is clearly divided. You can enjoy bath time in the sun. In addition, a corner seat is set up in the shower room intimately, which really achieves home safety and relieves tree skirt

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Elderly Room Designstrong>

Compared with the pure white color of the master bedroom, the elders room has a little gray and ink proportion, which matches the elegant antique single chair and dark black bed frame, creating a mature and quiet The depth of field, however, is explored, and the golden sconces and handles are softly adorned, setting off a consistent tree skirt

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The bathroom space is hidden behind the head of the bed. In order to be considerate to the elderly parents, a convenient sliding door is used for partition, which simultaneously resolves the height difference of the threshold. The wooden floor slopes along the edge of the column, which divides the field relationship, like a reflection of the setting sun in a painting. , add playful little tree skirt

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Second bedroom design

The beautiful foggy color greatly adds a sense of warmth. After changing the direction of the door in this bedroom , the wardrobe + desk is advanced with the depth of the beams, the curved ceiling follows closely, throwing a dim light, and the corner of the sunroom is also lightly rounded with rounded corners, further softening the sharp light path and making the soft light diffuse. tree skirt

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Wandering in each bedroom, different colors The degree and the master chair reflect the different personalities among the family members, the only constant is the leisure immersed in the sun. When the pace turns to the second bedroom with the least lighting, a ray of warm gray vividly sets off the soft light sense, and the arc is connected with the white cabinet and pushed in, as if cutting out a comfortable and concise fragment of the public space, integrating the essence of composure and tree skirt

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Bathroom Designchristmas tree skirt

Considering the large number of occupants, the configuration of one bedroom and one bathroom is specially adopted, and the bathroom is designed like a bedroom The technique is always in gray and white, and mixes materials, colors and styles according to the users personality, showing multiple personalized tree skirt

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Grey glass + square white brick, which derives pure The monochromatic gradient style uses dark gray to complement each other, while the glazed long bricks and warm gray stone bricks describe the echo of the bathroom space and the main color of the tree skirt

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