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The overall unity of the grey tones on the walls, the ground extends the unified colour of the walls, and the floor texture of the fishbone makes the space appear smart Quiet again.

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The design of the bedroom area, pay attention to space storage, move the entrance door inward, and be flush with the wardrobes on both sides of the bedroom to ensure The layout of the bedroom is neat, the gray cloth pattern on the side of the bed echoes the color of the wall downstairs, and the lines of the TV background wall extend the design of the downstairs, so that the simple and quiet bedroom space will not be completely separated from the public space.home deco

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While presenting the effect, the designer considers the actual budget and combines the needs of the owner to create a design effect on the wall with plaster lines . The light wall of the original living room is partially transformed into a large floor-to-ceiling window, which not only increases the sense of interaction with the courtyard outside the window, but also introduces natural light into the living room.home deco

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The layout of the childrens room area is just right The space ratio is sufficient for study, rest, clothing storage, and toy display. At the same time, the designer frees up a large area of activity space for childrens leisure and entertainment. Children who are playing with toys on the carpet, the warmth that spills in from the window. Yang, its so beautiful.home deco

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The study space is integrated into the owners original furniture to create a quiet and independent space. Design

Designer:Lin Shanghuai

Organization & Position: Well-known designerhome deco

Good at majors: home decoration design, soft Decoration design, architectural design, hotel design, club design, public decoration design, public space design, garden design, product design, others The founder/design director of Shengqi Kaishan Decoration has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and Lin Shanghuai has experienced the development and changes of Chinas interior design industry. He focuses on the design of private residences, attaches great importance to the echo of the internal and external environment of the space, does not stick to a specific style, is not bound by limited space, the design is people-oriented, respects the harmonious coexistence of people and the natural environment, and is useful, good-looking, healthy, and has temperature design. Lin Shanghuai follows the concept of designing with warmth, designs with empathy, responsibility and sense of mission, lives up to the trust of the owners, endows the space with sustainable vitality, and maximizes the integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions. Use different styles of design language to create warm space design works. Honors (partial) 2018 Netease Happy Home Public Welfare Design Competition First Prize Ninth Nesting Award Villa Space Excellence Award Eleventh Zhurong Award Competition Excellent Work Award 15th Huading Award Villa Mansion Space Gold Award 2019 Asia Pacific Space Design Competition Residential Space Gold Award 2020 Ruili Home Life Excellent Design Award 2020 Futian Cup China Top 10 Home Decoration Designers 2020 PChouse Private House Design Hall of Fame Member The 16th Golden Bund Award Best Display Art Award Excellence Award China Interior Design Championship Award Shenzhen Futian District Peoples Government Distinguished Architectural Decoration Design Consultant 2020 PChouse Private House Design Award Annual Villa Design Award Mentor The 9th Golden Creative Space International College Student Space Design Competition Specially Invited Professional Mentor Special Expert from Mars Times Education Interior Design Institute Specialist for Villa Mansion Design Expert IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award Villa Mansion Professional Award International Pioneer Design Award 2021 Italy IIDA International Design Award Villa Space International Innovation Design Award 2021 China Ten Square Practical Competition & Mango Award Special Judge Mentor 2021 Three-winged Bird | Casarte Black Label Design Alliance Creation Camp Special Judge Mentor American Interior Design Chinese Version 2021-2022 China Interior Designing the annual cover figure, Academic and Educational Committee of China Building Decoration Association, Design Experthome deco

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