Afterlivinginanewhomeforthreeyears,Icountedthese15homedesignsthatIdontregret.Myparentssaidtheywereeasytouse.flower decoration

For many people, they may only renovate a new house once or twice in their lifetime, so how can they be made to regret here and there? Fei Mojun, who has lived in his new home for three years, will share with you 15 home designs that you will not regret today, so that every corner of the home is refreshing!ornaments

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About the overall layout

1. Entrance added Storage room

In the case of ample space, the room next to the entrance is designed as a storage room to store clothes, shoes, and household items, which will be very convenient to use:ornaments

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Of course, from the perspective of multi-functionality and practicality, this space can also be combined with study and guest bedroom:ornaments

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△Combined with the study

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As an extension of the porch, it has a strong storage capacity and can keep the porch clean and beautiful!

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△Combined with the guest bedroomornaments

2. Enclose the balcony and extend it into the living room< /p>

The balcony is sealed to isolate the dust from the outside world, improve the performance of indoor thermal insulation, and not be afraid of wind and rain; remove the glass door between the balcony and the living room, and combine the living room and the balcony into one, the space Significantly larger, the utilization rate is also improved:ornaments

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The extended balcony is the fitness area▽ornaments

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is the leisure area▽

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is the study ▽

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It is very fragrant when used in combination with the living room!

3. The restaurant increases the island designornaments

In the restaurant, a middle island will not only make the restaurant move more smoothly, but also take into account the functions of the western kitchen:

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You don’t need to go to the kitchen to clean the fruit cups;ornaments

Don’t worry about having no place to put plates when you eat hot pot roast meat;< /p>

There is also sufficient countertop space for bread and dumplings;

You can do baking with your children at will;ornaments

You can also work and study here when you have enough study.

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In short, the island not only revitalizes the restaurant, but also condenses family emotions.

Island size reference:ornaments

The height of the island is about 90cm, about 10-20cm higher than the dining table, and the width is the same as the dining table.

By the way, remember to reserve sockets on the island:

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p> >4. Kitchen glass door partition wall

In the game between closed kitchen and open kitchen, the semi-open kitchen using glass partition as wall wins:ornaments

When frying, close the door, and lock the fumes in the kitchen; when eating lightly and when the kitchen is not in use, open the door, and the whole space is transparent and large:< /p>ornaments

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Note that the sliding glass partition door is recommended to choose the hanging rail door, there is no track on the ground to avoid hygiene Dead End:ornaments

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5. The dry area of the toilet is moved out, preferably close to it Entrance Design

The dry area of the bathroom is moved out to avoid crowding and waiting:

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In addition, in the post-epidemic era, after entering the door and changing shoes, you will wash your hands, so it is best to design the sink close to the entrance:ornaments

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Or move directly to the hallway is also a good choice:ornaments

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About the appearance of the home

A pleasant home will make you happier to live in~

1. Floor tiles and floors are paved

The whole house has floor tiles or The floor is fully paved, no threshold stone or edge strips are required, which can avoid the sense of separation between spaces, and the spatial visual integrity is strong:ornaments

If it is between the toilet and the outside aisle, make the toilets drainage slope, and also do not need the threshold stone:ornaments

△p Brick transitions to make the ground more interesting.

2. Abandon thick ceilings

Traditional thick ceilings are cumbersome and occupy too much floor height, while the current popular flat ceilings are simple and artistic :

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Or simply do not hang the ceiling, neat and generous and save money:ornaments

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3, no main light design + ambient light

The design without the main light makes the home lighting more sufficient, and cooperates with the ambient light to improve the home experience:ornaments

office decor

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Ambiance lights are mainly created by floor lamps, lamp lines and wall lamps. The most common ones are designed in :

The corner of the living room▽

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Bedroom bedside▽

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on the ceiling▽ornaments


In the choice of ambient light, it is recommended to choose warm yellow light, which is softer, warmer and more romantic.

About storage in the whole house

The powerful storage system can keep the house in place for a long time:ornaments

1. TV wall as storage cabinet

Whether there is a TV or not, as long as the space allows, it will not be delayed to choose a TV background cabinet for the whole wall.ornaments

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The strong storage capacity can solve all the sundries in the guest dining room and entrance, especially those with children Families generally live in the living room, and it is most convenient to store childrens toys and books directly in the TV cabinet.ornaments

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The closed cabinet is more tidy:

The open cabinet can be used for display:

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In terms of size, it is recommended to be 30cm deep; for height, to the top; the width depends on the length of the background wall.ornaments

2. Restaurant Design Snack Cabinet

For snack lovers, there is nothing more satisfying than a cabinet full of delicious snacks. Therefore, the snack cabinet is definitely a high happiness design:ornaments

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It is recommended to take the nearest restaurant, which is the most convenient. If space is limited, you can also choose a pull-out snack cabinet:ornaments

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As above:

Pull-out storage area, the inner part is multi-layer storage, 3-6 layers can be planned, and the height of each layer is between 30-60cm.

3. The whole wall wardrobe in the bedroom

For the unit that cannot realize the independent cloakroom, the whole wall wardrobe can be used to achieve a strong storage capacity:ornaments

The whole wall wardrobe at the end of the bed▽

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Bed side whole wall wardrobe▽

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This wardrobe wall design is equivalent to a one-line open cloakroom, maximizing storageornaments

Other practical skills

1. Brush a blackboard wall

Writable and drawable blackboard wall, not only suitable for children to do graffiti , it is also very suitable for big friends to record:ornaments

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△Children’s Room

If it is planned during decoration, you can choose to paint one side of the blackboard Blackboard wall;

If it is installed after decoration, you can also choose finished blackboard stickers, which is more flexible.ornaments

2. Change the floor row to the wall row.

The basin and toilet of the bathroom, the conventional underground drainage pipe is on the ground, there will be sanitary dead corners, if it is a wall row, there will be no sanitary corners. :ornaments

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There are no dead ends of pipes, not only the vision is refreshing, but the housework will also be easier!ornaments

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3, wall-mounted desk and bedside table

It is also the problem of the dead corner of the floor , bedside table, desk, dresser, you can choose the wall hanging design that does not fall to the ground:ornaments

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4. Washing machine + dryer + hidden drying rack

For the balcony, washing machine and dryer The use of the machine can liberate the living balcony:

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If you are worried about occasional drying needs, you can add a lift drying rack and choose a hidden design:ornaments

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Reserve the power supply in the hydroelectric stage, and reserve the space for the drying rack during the woodworking ceiling, so that the drying rack can be hidden in the ceiling.ornaments

The above 15 design tips will make your home stay for 20 years without regret. Share and spread quickly, so that more relatives and friends who are ready to decorate know that everyone can build a good home together!ornaments

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