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He and she worked in the IT industry in Shenzhen, and later left their jobs and returned to their hometown Wuhan to settle down. They bought a 137-square-meter house and chose a minimalist Japanese style. Renovation, as they said, faced with heavy work every day, when I came home and saw a simple, clean, simple, generous, free and comfortable space, the sense of healing is really statues

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Yes, a few Japanese The beautiful keywords are all seen in his new home. Through design and home furnishing, he expresses a quiet, far-reaching and indifferent attitude towards life. And it is also a house with a horizontal hall structure. It is matched with the minimalist Japanese style. The shape is reduced as much as possible. The space is large but not empty, romantic and unconstrained. It is the look of the home I want in my statues

Space Reorganizationgarden statues

A good renovation requires a reasonable layout, and they really put a lot of effort into statues

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Dimensional Architectural Designgarden statues

▲There is no entrance to build an independent entrance;

The biggest difficulty is to move the kitchen from the original lower right corner area to the central area. The idea of the young people is really puzzling, but in the end it turns out that this way Changes are statues

How to create a Japanese minimalist style? Check it out with me below.

Sunken Entrance

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▲The sunken porch is the most common design in Japanese style, and its function has been popular for a long time. Their home originally had no entrance, but now they use cabinets to create an independent entrance space, which has sufficient storage capacity and complete functions, effectively preventing dust from being brought into the room, and the natural wood material on one side is gray and the other is white. catch the statues

Daheng Hallgarden statues

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< p> ▲In addition to natural materials, the Japanese style also has a simple design that can satisfy many people. Entering the interior, the Daheng Hall adopts the simplest elements, and creates a light and flexible home space through the combination of a large area of blank space and log furniture.
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▲The large floor-to-ceiling windows can bring in natural light, and then through the warm soft decoration, the original is very warm The space is more cosy. In the traditional Japanese space, there are many furniture that do not exist, this is because they use a small area. Even in modern times, Japanese furniture is mainly low and close to the ground. So in this space, the reason why we feel rich, big but not empty, furniture is very important, low fabric sofa is one of the most important means to create a minimalist Japanese statues

The most common natural materialsgarden statues

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▲In Japanese style, the most commonly used natural materials are wood, cotton, bamboo, rattan and hemp. The most favored is naturally the log. The dining room is connected with the living room, and a long table is selected. The exterior is only painted with varnish, and the natural wood grain is displayed. This state is the most natural and best. Of course, this long table has multiple functions, besides eating, meeting guests, doing handicrafts, and statues

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Super strong storage system + break and leavegarden statues

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b275 67ec5cd2dbcca5ccb6f803418ffa7e2c▲Of course, this decoration also has super storage The system, sorting and storing the necessary living items, coupled with appropriate separation, also fully demonstrates the essence of the minimalist Japanese style.
06c7 307c1648e86cb09a70163b6faaefccd3▲Look at how much you open the cabinet Reasonable storage, in addition to various items, there are also small housekeeping rooms. The cabinets coming from the entrance are connected to form a storage wall.
ae86 f03438b38bae0a2e3b1a6546406aa87b▲The storage wall is connected to the balcony, In order to fully demonstrate the minimalism, these storage cabinets do not have handles, they are all imported press hardware.

Kitchengarden statues

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▲From this point of view, you can see why they moved the kitchen to the middle, closer to the large horizontal hall, open The LDK-style integrated space is too convenient for family gatherings. The entire moving line is shortened, creating endless happiness for statues

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▲Of course, the functions of the kitchen are also extremely rich. For them, it is perfectly fine for two people to dine here, and then move to a large restaurant when there are more statues

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▲The storage in the kitchen is also very sufficient, not only the kitchen, but other spaces are also very good, let me show you the following. Different spaces have different storage plans, including exclusive luggage storage and independent Japanese storage box storage. Only people with rich life experience can create such a detailed plan, which once again proves that it is the look of the home I want in my life. , because it is not only good-looking, large in area, but also has good moving lines and perfect statues

Master bedroom with “air feeling”garden statues

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▲There is a sense of air, which means it is very fresh , This is also a Japanese style feature. In this master bedroom, the walls are painted with light green, and it is very pleasant with log furniture. It does have a sense of statues

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▲In terms of practicality, the couple The wardrobes made are mainly pendants, which reduce the difficulty of folding and searching, and even use shoulderless hangers to replace ordinary hangers, which can protect the shoulders of clothes. The biggest feature of this shoulderless hanger is the widening on both sides + micro-arc design, which has good bearing capacity and is liked by many young statues

Childrens Roomgarden statues

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▲The reserved children’s room is also very fresh and charming. Whether the future is a baby boy or a baby girl, this color is suitable. Coupled with their wise decision, the redundant furniture was omitted in the large horizontal hall, and it was left as empty as possible, so that it would be convenient for the baby to crawl and the family to interact in the statues

Studygarden statues

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▲The original kitchen, now a multi-functional study, with a dedicated office There is also a relaxing movie viewing area. With the popularity of de-television, their home does not have a TV. If they need to watch movies, they come to this study, sit on the soft sofa, and enjoy the best statues

Summary at the end of the articlegarden statues

After reading the above set of cases, we know that the minimalist Japanese style mainly starts from these aspects: natural materials; simple design; air feeling (fresh); In this way, we can create a home that countless people statues

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