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Last week, Fei Mojun shared his experience in the decoration of small apartments. Many friends expressed their desire to see cases of small apartments. Therefore, today we will take stock of 10 sets of small apartments that are good-looking and easy to live in!baubles

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Unit area: 50㎡

Design style: retro French

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Unit type area: 60㎡

Design style: Japanese style

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This is a set of 60㎡ small apartment design, one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. The original apartment is not very good.baubles

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Original layout

Design highlights:

①The area of the guest-dining kitchen is not large, and all non-load-bearing walls are destroyed, and the LDK design is planned.baubles

②The living room is planned as a leisure viewing area on the platform.

③Extend part of the balcony area into the bathroom, and take out the sink to plan two bathing methods: shower + bathtub.baubles

④The bedroom is designed with a platform bed for high comfort.

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Unit area: 80㎡

Design style: Nordic style

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This is a wedding room design, the owner does not like it Traditional decoration, like simple and elegant, refreshing and comfortable style; finally set the Nordic style design.baubles

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Original layout

Design highlights:

①Enlarge the kitchen area and make it more practical.baubles

②The toilet basin area is moved to the aisle to improve space utilization and can also be used as a partition.

③The sideboard is embedded in the wall to improve space utilization.baubles

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< Aoki Fleeting”

Unit area: 80㎡

Design style: Retro Nordic

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This house is a family of three, the owner Paying attention to childrens learning and the company between family members, so the design also pays attention to the space for parent-child communication.baubles

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Original apartment type

Renovation highlights:

①The living room and bedroom are reversed in position and layout more reasonable.baubles

②The living room balcony is designed as a platform leisure area, which can be used as a family interaction space.

③The one-piece design of the guest dining room saves the original dining room area for the childrens room.baubles

④The bathroom sink is external, which is convenient for washing hands at the first time when you get home.

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Design Scheme


Wild Coral 》

Unit area: 84㎡

Design style: French stylebaubles

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The owner and his wife love the French romantic style, hope Home warm and bright.

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Original type

Design highlights:

①Entrance planning Changhong Glass partitions enhance indoor privacy.

②Open the living room balcony, the lighting effect is better.baubles

③Integrate the bedroom space and plan the design of the cloakroom.

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Design scheme


The world< /strong>

wall art prints

Unit area: 85㎡

Design style: casual modern style

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Design highlights:baubles

①The color matching adopts low-saturated fog blue and white, which is more refreshing overall.

②The wall of the bedroom adopts a color separation model, which has a stronger sense of design.baubles

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For Spring< /strong>

Unit area: 88㎡

Design style: modern minimalist style

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This house is a single residence for the male owner, who likes simplicity and freshness style of.

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Original type

Design highlights:baubles

①Enlarge The kitchen area is open and the overall space is more open.

②The restaurant plans a small island + sink to meet the owners small preference for coffee.

③The second bedroom in the north is integrated into the bedroom, and the cloakroom is planned to make living more comfortable.baubles

④The house is a renovation of a hardcover room, removing the original decoration on the top of the wall and re-planning the simple style.baubles

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< Camellia”

Unit area: 96㎡

Design style: modern minimalist style

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Simple style does not necessarily have to be black, white and gray. The designer chose to use dirty pink and gray to break the stereotype and plan a unique minimalist style design.baubles

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Original type

Design highlights:

①Remove the partition between the entrance and the kitchen The integrated design of the wall, the entrance and the kitchen makes the space more practical.baubles

②The modified entrance also solves the embarrassment that the entrance door is facing the room and improves indoor privacy.

< p>③Two bedrooms and one bedroom, plan an oversized bathroom, and realize two bathing methods of shower and bathtub.

④The north second bedroom is incorporated into the master bedroom, and a suite design integrating bedroom + cloakroom is planned.baubles

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< Qiongju”

Unit area: 90㎡

Design style: Japanese style

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This house chooses a fresh and pleasant Japanese style, and the overall house color matching Mainly log, white, gray, simple and generous.baubles

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Original layout

Design highlights:

① Choose to use cabinets instead of walls between the master bedroom and the childrens room, which improves the overall storage capacity.baubles

②The toilet basin is moved out, and the functional division is more practical.

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< Wheat”

Unit area: 100㎡

Design style: Japanese stylebaubles

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Original unit type

Design highlights:

①The guest dining room is planned with a whole row of cabinets, combined with the card seat design, the storage capacity is max.

② Balcony platform design, high leisure.baubles

③Dont use the main bathroom, expand it into the master bedroom to enhance the area.

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Design scheme

The case of small apartment is listed here, to summarize:


①The area of a small apartment itself is not large, so it is not suitable for a too luxurious style. Small and fresh styles such as Nordic style and Japanese style are more refreshing.baubles

②Small apartments should reasonably improve the space utilization rate by smashing walls, embedded design, etc.baubles

③Many small apartments have poor lighting, we can use glass partitions to open up balconies, Improve indoor lighting.

Which case of small apartment do you like the most, lets start in the comment area~baubles

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