Afterseeingcountlessmodelrooms,Ifinallyfeelthattheyaremodernandbeautiful.Ireallylikethedecorationstyleofmyhome.canvas wall art

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Love has a partner, sleep has a warm bed

May you have a warm bed

Someone asks you for porridge Ke Wen, someone is with you at dusk

Only home is the warmest and most secure place. This case introduces a set of 180 modern style decoration. There are no fancy shapes or colorful colors. The overall matching makes people feel very warm.outdoor christmas decorations

< p>Design introduction:

Design style: minimalist style

Actual area: 180 (including wall area)outdoor christmas decorations

Space pattern: Renovation of 4 bedrooms and 2 halls 3 bathrooms

Designer: Mu Wanqing

Project location: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Decoration cost: All-inclusive budget 56.28Woutdoor christmas decorations

Original structure diagram


< /p>

The original structure of this house is actually not good, the structure is more complicated and messy.

It is also a big disadvantage that such a large house does not have a porch, because the porch will give the house a very amazing effect, showing a sense of luxury, and entering the house has a more ceremonial sense.outdoor christmas decorations

Although this house is a one-ladder-one-household structure, the elevator room is relatively narrow. We can see from the picture that it is not easy to do anything at all, even placing the shoe cabinet is very difficult. suffocated.outdoor christmas decorations

Floor Plan


In order to increase the sense of ritual of entering the house, the entrance space is designed at the entrance, so that the functions are more complete, and you can change your shoes without walking far to open the door, which is very convenient .outdoor christmas decorations

My favorite is the horizontal hall effect. The living and dining room is transparent and comfortable. It is connected to the balcony to make a tea tasting area. Part of the balcony space is left as a kennel, and a small nest is built for the owners pet dog. .outdoor christmas decorations

christmas wreath

Finally speaking of the design of the master bedroom, a large suite with a very comfortable and relaxing balcony outside.outdoor christmas decorations

Entranceoutdoor christmas decorations


The horizontal porch space is actually very useful. This layout is equivalent to opening the door directly opposite to the shoe cabinet, and placing the finished shoe changing stool on the side of the entrance door. Because there is space, the shoe cabinet and the shoe changing stool are not integrated to form a multi-functional cabinet.outdoor christmas decorations

The doors of the shoe cabinet are all designed without handles. The cabinet is equipped with a rebounder, which is very easy to use. You only need to gently press the cabinet door to open it easily.outdoor christmas decorations

Living Room


This is the perspective of the sofa background. The middle is made of white wainscoting, and the seam is also added. The two sides are decorated with walnut-colored wainscoting to highlight the entire living room. the overall matching effect.outdoor christmas decorations

< p> Another perspective shot of the sofa wall, here you can see the panorama of the restaurant, the round dining table, and the shape.
< p>The TV wall is made of marble with good texture and good looks, and a hole is cut in the middle to embed the TV in, which makes the whole wall look more integrated.

Leisure Balconyoutdoor christmas decorations


< /p>

It is a leisure balcony connected to the balcony of the living room. The ground is a wooden floor directly from the living room to the balcony. The overall effect is better. The texture of the wooden floor makes the whole space look warm.outdoor christmas decorations



The restaurant has a larger space, and the round table is more suitable and beautiful, and it is more convenient to use at home.outdoor christmas decorations

The restaurant has made a set of glass cabinet doors. Light strips are added inside the cabinets to make the whole cabinet look more delicate. It will look better up there.



The kitchen is a very narrow and long space with cabinets on both sides. The space reserved in the middle is not spacious. It is still very spacious for a single person. It can be seen from the tiles that the aisle in the middle is almost the same. It is 1.2M wide.outdoor christmas decorations

< p>The kitchen also has a corner space, which is also a good working space.

Master Bedroomoutdoor christmas decorations


< /p>


The modernization of the master bedroom is relatively strong, and the color matching is also relatively mature, which is in line with the age of the owner.outdoor christmas decorations

The combination of high-grade gray and the white parapets on both sides, one deep and one shallow, makes people feel very comfortable.

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