Afterseeingthe140modernAmericandecorationoftheneighborshouse,Ireallyregretthatmyhousedidnthavesuchadecorationatthebeginning!christmas shop

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Leaders home140 square metersbaublesnew house, the area is similar to my home , The decoration style is also American style, but his home is much more beautiful than mine, I really regret that I didnt take it seriously when I decorated it! Might be remodeled later!I also advise everyone here that you must treat your house as a treasure and use more snacks to dress it up!

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Living Roombaubles



★★baublesThe modern American-style living room always has a sense of atmosphere. Brown leather sofas and wooden furniture are not only durable, but also very high-end. Various styles of throw pillows gathered together, very warm.


span>★★A large blue carpet is laid out, which adds a bit of elegance to the room. The balcony is integrated into the living room, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to have a close contact with the sun every day when the weather is good.


★★Sofa The background wall is simply outlined with plaster lines. The waterfall decorative painting is very three-dimensional and has an immersive feeling. Table lamps and floor lamps have a unified style, making the overall coordination of the space stronger.baubles



The background wall of the restaurant is mainly gray and blue, with murals and clocks installed, the wall will not look so monotonous and empty. The dark wood-colored American dining table and chairs are neatly arranged, which can seat many people.baubles



★★The kitchen is very The tall feeling may be due to the dark mahogany cabinets! The countertop is mainly simple beige white, which is refreshing and refreshing, which makes people relax while cooking.baubles

Master Bedroom


★★The master bedroom is relatively square The layout, the black solid wood bed is slightly stable, and the bay window + tatami creates a leisure atmosphere. Whether it is a table lamp, a mural, or a pillow, it all reveals the owners intentions for the home.baubles

christmas baubles


span>★★A big wardrobe cant be saved, after all, every year I buy some new clothes, so what if I dont have a place to put them! The wall is gray-blue. In order to ensure the overall sense of the space, it is recommended to match a light-colored cabinet like this.

Second bedroom


★★The second bedroom is generally used as The rooms are practical, and it will not be so embarrassing for relatives and friends to stay at home if they want to stay overnight. Although the soft outfits are not so rich, they are still stable and generous.baubles

Childrens Room


★★The overall arrangement of the children’s room is more warm Some, such as this red bedding fabric, and warm floor lighting. There is no complicated design, the most important thing is to make the children live comfortably.baubles



★★The bathroom has a large bathtub by the window , When you get home from get off work and you are tired, you can take a hot bath to relieve your tiredness.baubles



★★When the owner was decorating, He just wanted to have a place for laundry and drying. No, the designer made it happen for him.baubles

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