AfterseeingtheAmerican-styledecorationofherhome,Ifellinlovewithitcompletely.Itisnotonlywarmandfashionable,butalsohasasenseopillow covers

In addition to the super classic decoration style of Chinese style, it seems that only American style decoration has been popular. Because it can be varied, it can be classic, traditional, fashionable, and it can also be very warm and avant-garde.home deco

This case introduces a set of relatively warm and fashionable American style decoration. Use simple lines and metal lines, and then use the combination of soft and hard equipment to create a warm picture, people can feel the warmth of an instant when they are in it.home deco

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Design brief:

Decoration style: Modern American style

Actual area: 108㎡

Space pattern: 3 bedrooms and 2 hallshome deco

Designer: Fengyunfan

Location: Changsha, Hunan

Renovation cost: estimated price 18.28W

01Original structure diagram

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The entrance hall of the house is too small, which is rather tasteless; In addition, there is no balcony next to the living room, but there is a small balcony space in the second bedroom next to the household; the kitchen space is small, and the existing area, after the countertop is made, is just enough for one person to operate, plus one person Help, its all crowded. There is a missing corner in the bathroom of the public bathroom, which leads to the inconsistency of the space. To add, the house has good lighting, and the windows of each space are large windows.home deco

02home decoFloor Plan

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The transformation of the plane plan is to create a clear moving line based on practicality and use a reasonable home space. The following renovation designs were made:home deco

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1, the original entrance hall was too small, and there was no place to consider the location of the shoe cabinet, so the porch was enlarged, facing the The elders room is expanded, so that there is an extra comfortable entrance, and there is also a place for the shoe cabinet.home deco

2, move the door of the master bedroom a little towards the master bathroom, so that the end of the bed has the conditions to make a whole wall of wardrobe out, which increases the storage space of the master bedroom .home deco

3, the main bathroom expands horizontally, occupying some area in the direction of the master bedroom, realizing an ultra-comfortable, super-reasonable space, and the moving lines are also very smooth .home deco

03home decoMaster Bedroom

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< p>The overall hard-decorated design of the master bedroom is too layered. Take the end of the bed as an example. It is uneven. On the basis of the shape of the wall panel, a symmetrical hollowing treatment is also done, and the wall lamps are symmetrical on both sides. Add warmth to the light source in the bedroom. On the side of the bed, a set of built-in display cabinets are also made to the top, and some books and decorations are placed to increase the beauty of the bedroom. The wardrobe on the wall at the end of the bed is full of storage and is very popular with female owners. In the place by the window, a part of the space is budgeted for a dressing table.

04home decoLiving Room

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>A large area of the living room is made of elegant blue, which not only plays the role of an accent color but also plays the role of the main color, because it is just not too dark or too light, and it can be well integrated with white. Fresh and elegant sofa background mural, the pattern above is even more lifelike. The TV wall is not only beautiful, but also practical. The marble shape in the middle, and there are exquisite display cabinets on both sides. Through the hidden lights inside, it looks very high-quality and improves the overall grade.


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The visual end of the porch is a large hanging painting in the aisle, and an ornament is also placed, which forms the end view of the entrance and the visual focus of the entrance. After expanding to the elders room, not only the porch has more shoe cabinets, but also the shoe changing stool and the clothes hanging area can be well placed, which can easily hang clothes and hats.home deco

06home decoRestaurant

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The restaurant carries the familys three meals a day, especially for families with three generations living, the dining room and kitchen are the most frequently used, basically every day, except on weekends. Will hang out outside for a while. The six-person dining table and chairs in the restaurant are just enough for a family of five to dine together. It is very close to the kitchen door and can deliver dishes well. The wine cabinet is beautifully made, and the storage is more diversified, and some places are reserved for the storage of red wine.home deco

07home decoKitchen

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There is only one door between the dining room and the kitchen Glass sliding doors, the whole kitchen is mainly U-shaped layout, with custom white cabinets, making the space extraordinarily fireworks. Due to the small size of the kitchen, we chose to put the double-door refrigerator in the dining space, so that the kitchen would not be so crowded.home deco


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