AfterseeingtheAmerican-styledecorationofherhouse,Irealizedthattheyearsarequiet,anditisso,simpleandbeautiful.flower decoration

The best decoration style is to put the look you like into the house you are about to move into.

The rest of my life is not to please others, but only to please myself.

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Design brief:

Decoration style: American style is a little more luxurioushouse interior design

Actual area: 120㎡ (including wall area)

Space pattern: three rooms and two halls

Designer: Qianliying Design

Project location : Hengyang City, Hunan Province

Decoration cost: half-package cost 10.45Whouse interior design

Plot plan

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The house type is relatively normal, very standard three-bedroom layout.

There is no entrance to the house, which is equivalent to opening the door to the restaurant. The restaurant is a structure with a relatively long depth and a relatively short interior design

The living room is very comfortable, the space is so large, and the large balcony next to it not only gives the space a comfortable lighting environment, but also gives the space an open visual interior design

Floor plan

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Because there is no entrance space. In order to increase the sense of ritual when entering the door, the shoe cabinet directly opposite the door is used to form a porch interior design

The dining room is just behind the shoe cabinet, and the dining table is placed against the shoe cabinet, making the compact dining space more interior design

The living room and the balcony are connected, and the open-plan design is done. Both spaces are spacious and large.

Gongwei is designed to separate wet and dry, which is more convenient to interior design

The design of the master bathroom adds a bathtub, giving the occupants an extra space to enjoy.

The other is the arrangement of three bedrooms, namely: master bedroom, childrens room and guest interior design


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span>The porch space we see now, the partition-type shoe cabinet, plus the shoe changing stool and the full-length mirror make the space fully functional, and at the same time increase the convenience of the space.
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Another perspective of the porch, this is the perspective of the living room, changing shoes and stools There are also coat hooks on the top, which greatly facilitates the change of clothes in and interior design

white christmas tree


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span>Behind the porch shoe cabinet is the dining room space. A circle of waveguides is made on the ground, just enough to enclose the dining table and interior design

It is actually very suitable to install chandeliers on the top of the restaurant, so that when dining in the restaurant, it will feel more and more atmosphere.

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Another view of the restaurant, facing the shoe cabinet at the entrance . All year round, three meals a interior design

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Details of the restaurant, you can clearly see the partition style The material of the shoe cabinet and dining chair.


839c9296952b42aaa95b0f2ec1abb8be~noop.image? iz=58558&from=article>The open kitchen makes life very ceremonial, and meals are very fragrant.

The countertop follows the kitchen line of storage, chopping, cooking, and serving dishes. There is no high and low table design, in fact, if it is a high and low design, it will be more convenient to use and easier to interior design

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The front view of the kitchen, instead of the integrated stove, is used more traditionally interior design

Living Room

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What I see now is the perspective of the TV wall in the living room. The design is simple and clean, full of relaxation, naturalness and interior design

The simple lighting, murals, and fabric sofas in the space create a warm atmosphere, making the mood of the home more comfortable and interior design

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The middle of the TV wall is marble, with simple lines on both sides. It presents a beautiful feeling, but also has a fresh meaning, which lights up the atmosphere of the whole interior design

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The light source of the ceiling is very rich, not only there are Hidden light strips, embedded spotlights, and a chandelier in the middle.

Leisure balcony

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The large living room next to the living room is transformed into an open study space, and the living room is directly covered with tiles to create a visual effect of one piece.

A desk is placed in the middle, where you can usually work or help your children interior design

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Both sides of the balcony are used, and the side by the sofa wall is I made a set of cabinets, and placed a flower stand on the other side, and raised some potted green plants on it with a special artistic interior design

Master Bedroom

p>The background of the bed in the master bedroom is made of blue murals, plus the embellishment of the wall panels, making it a little interior design

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The end of the bed is a wall-to-top wardrobe, extending to the bay window, The makeup table is designed by the bay window, which is conducive to daily use with the help of light.

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The master bedroom also has a small cloakroom, which just closes the door of the master bathroom It was blocked by the master bed, and it was handled well in Feng interior design

kitchen wall decor

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