Afterseeingthedecorationofmybestfriendshouse,Iknowwhatitmeanstolive!worthlearningpink christmas tree

I saw the decoration of my best friends house before I knew what it would be like to live! It is worth learning

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Renovation is actually a very expensive thing. In fact, we have made sufficient preparations before decoration, and we are also careful when decorating, but there are still frequent occurrences. If the budget is exceeded, a rough house will cost 200,000 to 300,000 yuan from the beginning of decoration to our move-in.bathroom wall decor

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Everyone wants to save a little money in decoration, but they don’t know how to save money, and they are worried that saving money blindly will affect the quality of home decoration, so today I want to share with you some tips for saving money on decoration .bathroom wall decor

I saw the decoration of my best friends house before I knew what it was like to live! It is worth learning.

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  • No delicate background wall

< font>When you are decorating, you may have some background wall designs at home, such as homesofa background wall, TV background wall, home background wall and bedroom background wall, etc.bathroom wall decorstrong>, after you decorate, you will find that you have spent a lot of money on the background wall after careful calculation.

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But when I was a guest with my best friend some time ago, I found that her new house doesnt have any background wall design. The furniture in the house is almost all simple white walls. Only some places that need to be decorated are painted with different colors of latex paint.bathroom wall decor

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Although her home does not have any background wall design, it is still very delicate and does not affect the beauty at all, and some areas that need to be highlighted are also decorated with latex paints of different colors. The whole space also looks very layered.bathroom wall decor

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In fact, these cumbersome background walls are removed,not only saves us the cost of decoration, but also reduces the burden of cleaning.

If the shape of the background wall is particularly cumbersome, it is easy to accumulate dust, and it is more troublesome to clean up, so it is more convenient to be simpler clean.bathroom wall decor

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In addition, the area of many friends homes is not very large. If the wall shape is too complicated, it will make people feel more dull. Simpler walls can also make people look more transparent and generous.bathroom wall decor

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  • No frills

I dont know when it started. Many friends like to move all kinds of decorations to their homes. These small items do look very delicate, but they also require a lot of money, and their practicality is also worth considering.bathroom wall decorMany things just look good and dont have any practical value, and buying them home is just a waste of space.

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framed wall art

< p>After visiting my best friends house, I found that there were almost no extra decorations in her house, not even the rugs and table tops, which looked very simple.

At that time, my girlfriend chose a minimalist home decoration style when decorating, so I didnt buy too many decorative items after moving in, and the home was very simple and transparent.bathroom wall decor

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Maybe your home looks empty when it is just renovated, so you are thinking about buying some decorations to make your home more flamboyant.bathroom wall decor

But you also need to note that not all decorations are practical,bathroom wall decorMany things are really worth buying home Its just set aside for people to watch, without any value, and there will be more and more things in the house after we move in, too many decorations will only waste space.

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  • Shop around for furniture and home appliances

We only use one piece of furniture and appliances in our home, and it costs a lot.bathroom wall decor

Home air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, range hoods and other household appliances, as well as sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets and other various furniture, all need a lot cost of.bathroom wall decor

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I thought that my best friends house had just been renovated, and the furniture and appliances at home must have been selected the best, but after visiting her house, I found that everyones furniture and appliances did not cost much, and each of them was very practical and fully capable Meet the needs of daily life.bathroom wall decor

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My best friend said that when it comes to buying furniture and home appliances, there is no need to choose big brands. There are some small brands that are not particularly well-known. Here we go.bathroom wall decor

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< p>When you buy furniture, home appliances and other items, you need toShop around, take a walk, and have a lookChoose the style that you are satisfied with and the price is more affordable, which will not only save money, but also better meet our living needs.

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< p>Whether it is furniture or home appliances, the most important thing is practicality, not the reputation of the brand.So everyone should pick out the items when buying them In the circle of brands, take a look at its own practical value.

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Write at the end:

After visiting my best friends house, I realized what it means to live a good life. In fact, the decoration of the home does not have to be luxurious, and There is no need to compare with others, as long as we can meet our own life needs and meet our own preferences.bathroom wall decor

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