American-style decoration

The American-style here is not the actual American-style decoration. It must be recreated by our great Chinese people. Perfect for our own American decor. We can accept it in terms of form and wall decor

There are two ways to make American-style furniture. One is real American-style solid wood furniture. So if you want to make American-style furniture in a tight economy, you can only buy online or imitate American-style furniture. In this way, the cost can be low, and the American-style effect can be achieved. So be sure to pay attention when decorating, real American-style solid wood furniture is rare in Xian areakitchen wall decor

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▲A house of about 100, with wooden floors throughout, uniform coffee-colored walls, solid ceilings around some parts, embellished with auxiliary light, white doors and baseboards unified, thus forming a sense of hierarchy . Then there is the placement of the furniture. The picture above is matched with an American dark leather sofa and dark American furniture. All the secondary furniture, shoe cabinets, and wardrobes are mainly white. Is the whole harmonious? This is the magic of American style, which is rich in layers, and the combination of dark and light furniture. It is very simple and tasteful at the same time. It also costs money. Why cant you think of it?kitchen wall decor

This is the question of many people. Its actually very simple. Your familys half-bag is actually just looking for an agency to work. Others also have a half-bag not only for work, but also for the matching of various furniture and soft furnishings in the later period. This is the value of decoration. Most people looking for decoration only stay at the level of price, but ignore the value, so in the end they spend nondescript money, or spend high design fees and do nothing, just accumulation of various valuables, the whole A class of wall decor

▲Its still American style, and the bright tiles can still make a taste . The wall color is set in coffee color, the central air conditioner is surrounded by a solid ceiling, and the chandeliers are matched. A light-colored American-style fabric sofa with a blue single chair next to it. The coffee table and TV cabinet are unified in American-style dark colors, secondary furniture, and white molded cabinet doors for false bay window lockers, with dark and light matching. Pay attention to the two sides of the three-seat sofa, a few lamps on one side, and a floor lamp on the other side. Is it much taller than your L-shaped sofa with couch?kitchen wall decor

▲It is still American-style decoration, with antique bricks on the ground with corner flower rhombus Paving, dark leather sofa with dark American furniture, partial white wainscoting on the TV wall, a small amount of wallpaper embellishment in the middle, plus wall lamps, table lamps and vases embellishment, the whole space is calm and classy. The same decoration, why cant it be divided into layers?kitchen wall decor

If you feel that the above combination will cost a lot of money, you are wrong. There is an HH American-style store in Xian. At the same time, buying furniture online can make the whole grade, and the price is not much higher than that of the red door and black skirting. Just personal pursuits and tastes are wall decor

▲The picture above is a living room with only 85 square meters, American style , is it very high? If you remove the furniture and imagine, is it just painting the walls and paving the floor? But people know the basic design, one color for the floor, one color for the walls, one color for the skirting and doors, light-colored fabrics with dark American furniture, and a three-seat sofa with a single chair. Wall lamp embellishment, these can improve the grade and force. Looking back at your house, is it red doors, black skirting boards, and all-glazed tiles exclusively for the village chiefs house? It also depends on whether you are a person with taste and a rich local wall decor

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I would rather let the decoration company trick you with a simple scam for thousands of dollars than spend a little thought on improving the taste of wall decor

Renovation classkitchen wall decor

The secret of American decorationkitchen wall decor

You can lay any material on the floor , Of course, the premise of environmental protection, if it is a northern floor heating house or thinking about decoration, we are equal in front of life “Decoration floor or floor tiles? You are so wrong! 11.14kitchen wall decor

The door and skirting are of the same material and color, and they cost the same. Isn’t this difficult? You have to get a red wooden door and black porcelain skirting for an 80-square-meter house. Do you really not know that this decoration is in the style of the 1980s? If you want to save money, you should not use black porcelain baseboards. The baseboard material is part of the money, and the paving and bricklayers will charge another part of the money; and the solid wood baseboards are installed directly wherever you buy them. Compared with the price, porcelain may be even higher than solid wood. This means that the money is not spent less, and the effect is not at wall decor

In fact, it is the same as wearing clothes. The same clothes are bought for 100 yuan. The value of the clothes that will match is not just as simple as 100 yuan. . The same is true for decoration. If you find a company that thinks about you, the same half-package will worry about the post-matching for you. The same is also half-packaged. Some people’s decoration companies don’t care when they are done. This is the same money, different services, the same price, and the value is much wall decor

How can you find a renovation company whose value is higher than the price? First of all, you are not an unreasonable person, and secondly, you have to learn at least the respect between people. After so many years of decoration, the owners have three, six, nine and other people, and there are many selfish and mean owners. For example, when it comes to money, you must compare your money. Every time you don’t pay according to the contract, you have to deduct a part of it, and you can only be satisfied by taking a small advantage. Then, as long as the decoration company has the slightest mistake, it will be unreasonable, and it will look like a god, but it will never reflect on its own actions. If you are this kind of person, you will always get only the price, and there can be no value higher than the price. Of course, decoration companies are not fools. They do their own work and don’t care about any extras. You can worry about your own affairs. Unfortunately, many owners simply don’t understand where they are wall decor

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