American Pastoral style

also known as American country style

belongs to a natural style

advocating returning to nature


Aesthetically respect nature and combine nature

Strive to express leisure in indoor environmentbathroom accessories set

Comfortable and natural rural life interest

It is clever to set indoor greenery,

create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere

American pastoral style highlights the elegant and comfortable stylebathroom accessories set

Elegant and casual appearance

colorsMostly in light and elegant slate color

and antique white mostly

Random graffiti flower pattern as the mainstream feature

The lines are casual but focus on cleanlinessbathroom accessories set

relative to other styles of hand-painted furniture

It has the widest range of furniture


American pastoral focus on family members Mutual communication

Pay attention to the mutual distinction between private space and open spacebathroom accessories set

Pay attention to the practicality and practicality of furniture and daily necessities Solidity and Color″>bathroom accessories set

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American pastoral furniture

usually with simplified lines

rough volumelight colorsp>

The selection of materials is also very extensivebathroom accessories set

solid wood, printed cloth, hand-woven nylon

Hemp and natural cut stone

white christmas tree

Pastoral for a long time

< p>occupies an important position in American furniture

It should be said

It abandons the cumbersome and luxurious

Beautiful styling with classicismbathroom accessories set

with neoclassical features

Concise and easy to maintain

usually choose warm colors

naturally more suitable for modern Peoples Daily Use


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