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Speaking of the American pastoral style, many people must have a very fresh, romantic and beautiful picture in their hearts~ and in fact it is true, it has a different beauty and romance~ and the following Qijia Xiaolinger also just prepared a set of American pastoral villa decoration case pictures for you. Its color matching is really warm! Lets take a look~decoration

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The bright yellow latex paint looks brighter and warmer in the white and blue embellishments~ look It makes peoples hearts warm~ and this kind of collocation is actually quite attractive~decoration


American style dining table and chairs are also very good Texture~decoration


The exquisite and atmospheric chandelier is also a good decoration~


Such a ceiling is also very atmospheric and beautiful~

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The decoration of the TV background wall in the living room is also full of different atmosphere~decoration


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The master bedroom is spacious, and the color matching is also very warm and textured~


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The decoration of the children’s room is also very beautiful~


The decoration of the study is also very beautiful and exquisite~decoration

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