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American stylefall wreath, as the name suggests, is the decoration anddecoration stylefrom the United States. It is comfortable and practical, and at the same time does not lose its sentiment. This is consistent with the American advocacy of liberalism. There is a close relationship, people pursue a natural, casual way of life, do not stick to artificial decoration, do not have a casual romance.

Because the United States is a country of immigrants, makingAmerican The stylefall wreathis large, comfortable, and mixed with various styles, not only the luxury of Europa, but also the uninhibitedness of the Meizhou mainland, which has derived various styles such as American retro and rural.

Whether it is American country or American retro decoration, The cost is not small, and this is alsoAmerican stylefall wreath. The domestic audience is high-end families and villa families. If a well-off family also wants to wear American style, can it be achieved?

Of course, the editor will talk about how Spend less money to transform your modern minimalist, or European minimalist home environment, into an elegant, extravagant, culturally American style.fall wreath

First of all,American stylefall wreathMost of the walls in the room are not pure white, which is also the most significant feature of it and the European style. Even if it is a white wall, it will not be empty, there will definitely be decorative ornaments, or creative and classical lamps, decorative paintings and so on.

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Secondly, in the selection of decorative paintings, American-style decoration Most of the paintings are joint paintings, the frames are flat and unified, and the contents of the paintings are also related. Most of the simple European-style paintings are matched with large and small frames, and the content of simple lines is the main content. If you want to create an American style, the small details of decorative paintings are the finishing touch. The role of Oh!fall wreath

The last most notable feature is the fan chandelier . Friends who love American style should know that this unique home furnishing product is American style. The source of the fan lights is related to the fact that the United States pays too much attention to household appliances such as refrigerators and TVs. They do not have many requirements in the home, and they are simple and practical.fall wreath

A blogger once posted a message in the forum. Group simple European-style and American-style decoration pictures. The furniture in the two pictures adopts a simple style. The only difference is the chandeliers, wall colors, and decorative paintings, but people can distinguish them at a glance.fall wreath

So how did you get to spend a little money to transform an American-style home?fall wreath

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