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Nowadays, as the economic level of Chinese people is getting higher and higher, peoples quality of life has improved significantly, and more and more attention is paid to the construction quality and environmental protection of decoration after buying a house. In recent years, more and more families in our country have a soft spot for American decoration. This is a style of home decoration that pursues natural comfort and freedom. It is neither extravagant nor overly simple, and aims to maximize comfort. , in line with the decoration concept of most owners. So I took you to learn about the price and process of American decoration style. What are the main points of American decoration style?bedroom design

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Characteristics of American style decorationbedroom design1. The living room is generally softer than the living room, and the choice of materials is more comfortable The combination of flexible and warm materials can effectively create a warm family atmosphere, and entertainment items such as TV are also placed in this space. of joy.

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2. In addition to the bedrooms for family members to rest, they will also build study rooms, leisure and entertainment rooms, multi-functional rooms, small rooms according to their own needs and characteristics. Living room and other spaces to meet the diverse needs of the family. The toilet design also pays attention to function, and safety and convenience are the primary considerations. In addition, there is a lot of freedom in the choice of materials for American pastoral-style bathrooms, because Americans like to take a bath, and the walls are made of waterproof wallpaper, wood and other materials.bedroom design

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3. Generally speaking, when you enter the house, you can appreciate the public part of the home space. The living room and dining room are used to entertain guests and guests. Dinner with friends.bedroom design

The selected materials tend to be hard, straight and gorgeous. The dining room is basically connected to the kitchen. The kitchen area is large, easy to operate and powerful. On the other side of the kitchen, opposite the dining room is a smaller dining area. The multi-functionality of the kitchen is also reflected in many aspects of interpersonal communication within the family. The two areas are combined into one and become the focus of family life.bedroom design

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How to decorate in American style?bedroom design

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1. Color matchingbedroom design

The American decoration style is full of classical charm, so when color matching, those dark brown and gray are often used. , wood color and other colors, so that the whole space is full of the sense of the times and history. In addition, American style will often use beige, light gray and other colors, making people feel calm and low-key. Overall, American-style colors make people look comfortable.bedroom design

2. Material selectionbedroom design

In the American-style decoration, the furniture is mainly made of mahogany, cherry wood, pine and other materials, which is not only full of natural flavor , but also of high quality. The furniture soft bag is mainly made of cotton and linen materials with leather and texture, which is very comfortable and practical.bedroom design

The pursuit of American style stays on the appearance, but fails to comprehend its true meaning. It must be designed through different living room design schemes, and must not be neglected. Well, today I will introduce you to what American style is. All knowledge of style and American style design, I hope to help everyone.bedroom design


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