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How big is the house for two people? The bigger the better!

Look at this big American-style house with reasonable functions and great looks.

The Story of the House

City: Chengdu

Unit Type: Four bedrooms

Area: The apartment is 177 square meters.wall decals

Expense: 800,000

Owner: Rong Rong, a partner of a cultural communication company. A few years ago, she and her husband renovated the first house. She is experienced player.wall decals

Some of the experience of the owner comes from the decoration group of friends… In the group, you can talk about the pits you have encountered, and he will talk about the experience of avoiding pits. Everyone brainstorms and avoids them together. pit!wall decals

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Large area, good storey height, transparent from north to south, the living space is 7 meters long, and the living room is in front The restaurant is at the back, and there is a super-wide balcony… In terms of apartment type, a proper villa-level configuration √wall decals

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The bathroom is different from the actual effect
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With such a good foundation, how can you afford to buy a house without decorating a classic American style with a clear atmosphere? !wall decals

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Open the door and take you into Rongrongs house to see how she uses 15 classic elements , decorate a “luxurious but not trench” American mansion.wall decals

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Entering the garden

From the security door to the living room, it is not the entrance in the usual sense , but an entrance garden with doors and windows and efficient use.

1. Diamond-shaped brickswall decalsIt is a common practice for American-style floors to lay square bricks diagonally to finally present a diamond-shaped pattern.

Oblique paving bricks will inevitably lead to a lot of loss; and the space itself is irregular in shape, so many special-shaped bricks are needed to lay on the inclined walls. Rongrong asked the brick factory to draw drawings according to the size of the house, and cut the bricks into shape first; on the spot, the bricklayers can make fine adjustments while laying.wall decals

In terms of color matching, black and white contrasting colors are timeless; in terms of materials, the marble texture is natural and the texture is first-class; in terms of craftsmanship, only a thin line is required for the stone seam, and after using the beauty joint agent, it is the same seamless.wall decals

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The right side is a shoe changing stool, and the left side is a row of upright cabinets, 2.6 meters long, can be installed Put down all the shoes, bags, scarves and hats, among which the 3 doors of the shoe cabinet are made of louvers, which can be ventilated and ventilated.wall decals

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2. Entrance cabinetwall decalsHow can American style lack an entry cabinet? It is not the main storage device, so there is no need to use the bulky style with many storage compartments, but the flat drawers are supported by four thin legs, and the aristocratic temperament is immediately obvious; the color of the paint is heavy, and it will not feel frivolous.

Living roomwall decals

3. Wall plaster linewall decalsAmerican wall, skirting line and top plaster line are both Not less, there are plaster lines in the shape of “Lu”, which are used to divide the wall and break the monotony.

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The proportion of the “Lu” font is also particular, the top is high and the bottom is short, it should be narrow rather than wide or two narrow Clip a width (American style pays attention to symmetry), in order to increase the proportion of the wall and make the space look taller.wall decals

The background wall is not simply pasted with plaster lines, but a collection of two classic American elements: siding and wallpaper.wall decals

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4. Waistboardwall decalsThere is 60cm deep storage on the left side of the background wall Space, the right side is the solid wall, and the American style pays attention to the symmetry of the central axis, what should I do? Do the same style of invisible cabinet doors and wainscoting.

Compare the two pictures below. If you dont reveal the secret in advance, can you tell which side is the cabinet and which side is the wall?wall decals

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Use wood board as a base on the right side first, and then install solid wood The siding is finished with pure white sealer paint. The gray color of the rest of the walls serves as a foil to highlight the core position of the background wall.wall decals

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5.Wallpaperwall decalsAmerican style never skimps on using wallpapers, but the tiling of wallpapers The size and pattern must be carefully considered. Western and rustic, just between one wallpaper.

Rongrongs wallpaper is 2 meters wide, small and concentrated, so there is no crowded feeling of overwhelming patterns; the wallpaper is simple and elegant in color, high-level and restrained from a distance, and rich and narrative in details from a close-up view.wall decals

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balconywall decals

A large unclosed balcony with a length of 7 meters, which is free to breathe world. Folding tables and chairs are put out, except for not playing mahjong, it is suitable for eating and drinking tea.wall decals

6. Ceiling fan lightswall decalsFrom a practical point of view, ceiling fan lights are recommended for any style of home, but in fact, ceiling fan lights are a classic element of American style. When its hot and tired of staying in the air-conditioned room, just come to the balcony to blow the air.

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In order to take care of my husband who is afraid of heights, I made vertical bars with anti-corrosion wood on both sides, looking forward to climbing in the future Full of plants.wall decals

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If you are not sure about the details, you can discuss it with your group friends. It’s still very helpful for people who decorate together to chat at any time. necessary.wall decals

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loungewall decals

resident at home There are only two people, and there is no need for too many bedrooms. One of the original four-bedrooms is made into an open plan, which is connected with the living room and becomes a leisure corner.wall decals

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7. Ceilingwall decalsCeilings without plaster lines are not American-style ceilings. Rongrong, who is obsessed with lines, uses five layers of plaster lines to create a sense of layering.

wall decals

The floor height was originally 3 meters, and the floor heating was installed, and there was still 2.9 meters left. There was no pressure to make a 0.4-meter-thick ceiling. In the recessed place, it is not troublesome to vacuum it once in a while.wall decals

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8. Fireplacewall decalsAmerican style, always craving the warmth of sitting around the fireplace. The white marble is built into the shape of a fireplace, and an electric fireplace is installed. The lights imitate the fire, and hot air can be blown to assist heating in winter.

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9. Furniture three-piece setwall decalsFloor lamp, side table, with footrest Single sofa, a classic three-piece set for comfortable reading.

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From the restaurant, the garden door and the kitchen door mirror each other, and the door frame , The ceiling is full of details, and the vision is full.wall decals

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Details are the guarantee of quality, like the handover of the kitchen door stone and the floor, no cumbersome beading, but stone The lower mouth pulls the groove, just press the floor to close.wall decals

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10. Chinese elementswall decalsAmerican style originated from mix and match, with free and unruly nature, embellished with Chinese style Elements make sense. Rongrong uses American-style tables and chairs with Chinese-style sideboards, and crystal cups with blue-and-white porcelain dishes.

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11. I-tileswall decalsAmerican Kitchen wall tiles, there are diamond paste method, there are also I-shaped paste method.

The original size of 325x325mm wall tiles was cut into four pieces, dislocated and pasted to form a non-traditional I-shaped, simple yet lively.

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The kitchen ceiling also can not give up the sense of line, use gypsum board and gypsum line, brush with waterproof paint.wall decals

12. Embedded kitchen applianceswall decalsAll appliances are embedded in the cabinets to form a beautiful and easy-to-use overall cabinet facade, which is an American kitchen the ultimate pursuit.

The built-in microwave oven and oven rely on the front or bottom to dissipate heat; although the refrigerator is not a built-in model, it only needs 1cm on both sides, which saves space; the sterilization cabinet is just installed under the stove.wall decals

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Traditional stainless steel sinks must be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid watermarks and scale formation; The granite sink at home does not have this trouble at all, and it is easy to take care of.wall decals

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Master Bedroom

On the entrance side, Rongrong created a 3-meter-long, high 2.4 meters, an oversized wardrobe with invincible storage capacity.wall decals

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Take a look inside the wardrobe:

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The depth is 58cm; the upper partition space is just enough to store two layers of IKEA storage boxes; the three large drawers in the middle directly classify the clothes, which is the most convenient to use.wall decals

The main light is not always on, and the desk light is used most frequently, creating the best atmosphere. When reading before going to bed, the desk lamp alone is definitely not bright enough, so add two 5W spotlights on the ceiling.wall decals

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The light hits the wainscoting and diffuses softly, and the width of the post bed and the plaster line perfectly fits , the proper Royal Hotel feel~wall decals

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Main guard

13. Marble countertopswall decalsThe American style prefers the natural feel of marble countertops to solid, stain-resistant quartz countertops.

Rongrong uses jazz white marble countertops, with beige wall tiles and champagne silver hardware. However, natural stone is easy to dye, so be careful when using it.

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14. Double bathroom cabinetwall decalsWhy only one basin? Taking into account the living habits of the two (both showers in the morning and evening), the basin is only used to wash hands, and one is enough; save the other half of the countertop and become Rongrongs dressing table.

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Thecalcium silicon boardwall decalsfor the ceiling has better water resistance than gypsum board.

Secondary guard

Secondary guard is less frequently used, so make it smaller: separate it in half, use the outside as a storage cabinet, and use a small Bathroom cabinets and diamond-shaped shower enclosures are also sufficient.wall decals

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Secondary bedroom

Secondary bedroom is fresh and refreshing, with similar bedding and curtains Gray-blue, because the room is small, too many colors will appear chaotic.wall decals

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15. Soft-packed bedwall decalsA soft-packed bed made of cotton and linen, representing simplicity , the relaxed American West Coast lifestyle. The headboard of the bed is not removable, and there will be special cleaning staff on-site for dry cleaning.

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The study is my husband’s world, and it is required to have a double sofa and a TV. For him and his friends to play games. There is a whole cabinet next to the door, so there is never too much storage space.wall decals

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The bay window sill is also made of marble, with both ends of the stone embedded in the wall, no need to add window covers; After the pure white wood shutters are installed, the windows are generally opened outwards (or the shutters are rolled up and the windows are opened inwards).wall decals

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You are awesome! Its all pulled to the end! Hurry up and chat in the decoration group, not limited to decoration questions, those who are worried about being pitted, and listen to other group friends complaints…wall decals

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