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BIM technology was first produced in Europe and the United States and other countries, and its introduction into the interior design of construction projects can significantly improve the efficiency of interior design. Next, Nanyao Architectural Design will talk about the application value and advantages of BIM technology in interior decoration design.home decor stores


1. Selection of auxiliary decision-making design schemehome decor stores

In terms of interior decoration design scheme, by entering various design parameters into BIM software, a virtual simulation of three-dimensional furniture model can be constructed to provide support for scheme simulation analysis. BIM model drawing can intuitively and comprehensively show the whole houses overall effect, designers can compare different alternatives, and then obtain the optimal design. In addition, BIM can also simulate the plan progress, resources, processes and other links, which helps to assist decision makers to select the best plan.home decor stores

2. Ensure budget accuracyhome decor stores

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The budget work of the interior design of traditional construction projects is mainly based on the design drawings, and the authenticity and accuracy of the budget results cannot be guaranteed. The use of BIM technology to carry out interior decoration design of construction projects can clearly present the specific situation of interior design, and accurately display the number and size of components at each key node to ensure that the design scheme is highly consistent with the actual situation. And it can complete the size update and construction material adjustment in combination with the actual construction situation, so as to ensure the scientific and stable budget quality, which also brings great help to the actual construction work. The construction personnel can use the BIM model to simulate the actual construction situation on site, and make Scientific adjustment to improve the actual construction efficiency and construction quality.home decor stores

3. Improve the efficiency of interior decoration designhome decor stores

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With the support of BIM technology, interior decoration designers only need to input the data information obtained through on-site measurement into the corresponding technical software, and then they can decorate the interior space through the design software The design efficiency has been significantly improved. In addition, because the design is carried out with the help of virtual software and models, and does not involve the corresponding physical adjustment, the designer can optimize the design plan anytime and anywhere according to the opinions and ideas of the owner and other demanders, avoiding the traditional design process. After the first draft is completed, it is communicated with the demander, and then it is repeatedly revised. This way of designing and modifying greatly improves the efficiency of interior decoration design and compresses the time period of interior decoration design. At the same time, the WYSIWYG effect of BIM technology can enable the communication between designers and design requirements, designers and construction personnel and other different subjects to be carried out around relatively clear models and drawings, eliminating the existence of communication problems. Uncertain information, further improve the efficiency and effect of information communication, and make the connection between interior decoration design and construction smoother.home decor stores

4. Promote innovation in interior decoration design technologyhome decor stores

In recent years, the emergence and application of a series of technologies such as Internet technology, mobile communication technology, artificial intelligence technology and big data technology have promoted technological innovation in many fields, among which Including the construction industry. It is precisely under the promotion of related technologies that the design work in the construction industry has gradually changed from the traditional manual-based design drawing drawing mode to the man-machine collaborative mode. Nowadays, in some design fields, there has been a new phenomenon that the computer system automatically and intelligently measures the relevant data, and directly inputs it into the system to draw and output design drawings. Obviously, the future interior design will have the characteristics of intelligence and automation. BIM technology, as an intelligent design drawing technology, its application can promote technological innovation in the field of interior decoration design, so that more design subjects turn to the use of corresponding technical software for decoration design, gradually reducing or even replacing the role of manual labor in design, It will further provide a corresponding impetus for the technological innovation in interior decoration design and the development of intelligence and automation. At the same time, BIM technology has also changed the traditional single design mode. Through the online sharing platform, the function of multiple people working on the design scheme at the same time is realized, which greatly improves the degree of collaboration in design, and gradually changes the traditional division of labor in interior decoration design, which is also a new means to promote industry innovation.home decor stores

5. Improve the accuracy of material cuttinghome decor stores


The model based on BIM technology covers almost all the physical properties and information of the building object. Therefore, in the process of interior decoration design and engineering construction, for some components that need to be processed and blanked, designers can combine the component information provided by the model to carry out batch processing and production, which can effectively avoid errors caused by manual blanking and save money. The effect of material resources, manpower and cost.home decor stores


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