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Xiyuan Villa-American Pastoral

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Pastoral style respects and combines nature in aesthetics.

Strive to express leisure and comfort in indoor environment,

Natural pastoral life interest,

Also often use natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo,black christmas tree

and other materials with simple texture.

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It is clever to set indoor greenery,

create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.

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The style is rough and atmospheric,

American furniture is rougher than Italian and French furnitureblack christmas tree


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Not only in the materials, but also in the overall feeling it gives.

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As a typical representative of pastoral style, American pastoral style,

because of its natural simplicity yet elegant temperament is highly respected by people, However, the pure American pastoral style,black christmas tree

what elements and spatial characteristics need to have,

I am afraid not many people really christmas tree

throw pillow

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American pastoral style highlights the elegant and comfortable style,

Elegant and casual appearance,

colors are mostly elegant boards Rock color and antique white are mostly used.

Floral patterns with random graffiti are the mainstream christmas tree

The lines are casual but focus on cleanliness.

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American pastoral focuses on the mutual communication between family members,

focuses on the mutual distinction between private space and open space,black christmas tree

< p>Furniture and everyday objects are valued for practicality,

and sturdiness and color.

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In short,

It gets rid of the tedious and luxurious,

has both classic and beautiful shape,< /p>

With neoclassical features,black christmas tree

not only simple and clear, but also easy to maintain,

naturally more suitable for modern peoples daily use.

framed wall art

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