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Author: Tang Kui Ba Ba

Nowadays, many houses have designed entrances. Basically, everyone will design entrance cabinets at the entrance, and even if they are poor, they will also design shoe cabinets. If there is no entrance, it will be next to the door, design entrance cabinet or shoe cabinet. Entrance cabinets generally contain shoe cabinets. In order to facilitate entering the door to change shoes and store handy items, entry cabinets (shoe cabinets) are installed at the entrance.nativity set

The entryway cabinet is right at the door. It must not only be practical but also beautiful. After all, it can give a good first impression. Some time ago, I went to a classmates house as a guest, and as soon as I entered the door, I was attracted by the entrance cabinet of her house. Both practical and beautiful, a little surprised. For different types of houses, the design of the entrance cabinet is different. Let’s share a few beautiful and practical combinations of entryway cabinets. There is always one that suits you. Let’s take a look!nativity set

1. Built-in entryway cabinetnativity set

This is the simplest entryway cabinet. The bottom is the shoe cabinet, the groove in the middle can store handy items, and the top is the hanging cabinet.nativity set

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2, open Entryway Cabinetnativity set

The entryway cabinet is designed to be open to facilitate access to things. But things are more messy, and it is easier to accumulate dust. This kind of entrance cabinet method is rarely used.nativity set

< p>3. Suspended entryway cabinet

Reserve a space of 10cm-30cm at the bottom, so that the entryway cabinet can be suspended. The space at the bottom can be used to store commonly used shoes, which can be replaced directly after entering the door. And the replacement shoes can be tucked in, preventing the floor from looking all kinds of messy.nativity set

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4. Corner entry cabinetnativity set

in On the basis of the original entrance cabinet, a shoe cabinet or entrance cabinet is added, which is equivalent to the effect of 1+1.nativity set

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5. Entrance cabinet + coat wall

Squeeze out a small amount of space in the entryway cabinet, leave the walls blank, and design coat hooks. It is convenient to hang coats, bags, etc.nativity set

< p>6. Entrance cabinet + shoe changing stool

When you change your shoes when you go in and out, is it a lot more convenient to have a place to sit? Especially when there are elderly people and children at home, it is even more necessary to change shoes and stools.nativity set

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< p>7. Entrance cabinet + partition

If the door is directly facing the living room and dining room, in order to avoid embarrassment, the design of entry cabinet + screen partition can be used.nativity set

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8, floating Entryway Cabinet + Shoe Changing Stool

A hanging entryway cabinet, paired with a shoe changing stool, is also a good matching design.

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9, corner Entrance cabinet + coat wallnativity set

The corner entrance cabinet has a very powerful storage function, and can completely squeeze out a part of the space to design the coat wall.

< p>10. Entrance cabinet + display stand

Entrance cabinets are mostly closed, we can squeeze out a small part of the space to design and design the display stand. You can store some handy items, preferably decorations, to improve the overall appearance.nativity set

< p>11. Entrance cabinet + coat wall + shoe changing stool

There are both a coat wall and a shoe changing stool. This kind of entrance cabinet is perfect, that is, the storage space will be reduced.nativity set

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12. Hanging entry cabinet + coat wall + shoe changing stool

The bottom of the entrance cabinet is hanging in the air. When you enter the door, sit on the shoe changing stool, take out the shoes at the bottom to replace, and then take off your coat and bag and hang it on the coat wall, isnt it particularly convenient?nativity set

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13. Entrance cabinet + coat wall + shoe changing stool + Storage Racksnativity set

In the case that all functions are complete, some storage racks are opened up. The appearance and storage cant be left behind.nativity set

< p>14. Hanging porch cabinet + coat wall + shoe changing stool + storage rack

This is the most perfect porch cabinet state, hanging porch cabinet is the basic function, coat wall and changing The shoe stool is an advanced function, and the storage rack is a post-decoration, which is simply impeccable.nativity set


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