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Renovating the house makes it less tiring to make decisions alone. The most tiring is often the kind of family who are in charge of the decoration and have different opinions. It is really easy to quarrel because of this.2020 christmas ornaments

Before the renovation of my house, I held a family roundtable meeting. The arguments of the family can be said to be very fierce. I even slapped the table directly to protest…

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However, one person cannot beat a group of people…As a result, the clown became me .2020 christmas ornaments

Those, I once thought that the decoration design that looked and felt unreliable, after moving in, all became a real fragrance scene, really the more you use it more cool.2020 christmas ornaments

Below, a total of 10 are summarized, all of which are decoration designs that I think are super cool to use after experience.2020 christmas ornamentsIm going to dress like this for the second suite.

Installing an air conditioner in the kitchen

Actually, the reason why I objected to the table at first was that the oil would enter the motor and damage the air conditioner.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Kitchen decoration

However, this kind of kitchen-specific air conditioner, its return air outlet , In fact, it has a professional oil filter, which itself has the function of preventing oil fume, and the filter is only changed every 2 years. After understanding it, I dispelled my concerns.2020 christmas ornaments

Actual experience, its really cool to use, the air conditioner is turned on, and the kitchen cools down quickly in less than 2 minutes. After cooking in summer, there is no need to rush to change clothes and take a shower, the impetuous mood is cured~2020 christmas ornaments

1㎡ balcony folding door laundry room

The reason I didnt agree at first was because I thought this design was superfluous and unnecessary. After the actual completion experience, I feel wonderful, wonderful~2020 christmas ornaments

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Living room lighting, Leisure viewing, laundry drying, flower gardening and fitness all have to rely on this only balcony.2020 christmas ornaments

The sudden appearance of a washing machine, a pile of messy clothes hanging in the air, must be very visual. Hiding the washing machine in the folding door on the right solves this problem ingeniously.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲1㎡ hidden laundry area

After the folding door is opened, there is the basic configuration of the washing and drying set, and in the middle is a customized integrated laundry table. A set of elevating drying racks are installed on it. It only occupies a total area of 1 square meter, and the problem of laundry and drying is completely solved.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲You can stretch the space, as a fitness mirror2020 christmas ornaments

The spare space can be used for leisure, fitness and viewing the scenery. When the folding door is closed, looking at the balcony from the living room is not messy, and the laundry area is perfectly invisible~2020 christmas ornaments

The folding door has its own mirror and is pasted with an anti-fingerprint glass film, which is easy to clean. And it can double the visual space.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲The laundry area has a separate window to ensure ventilation< /p>

In the laundry area, a separate window is also installed to ensure ventilation. Usually, the main clothes are dried. Socks, underwear, baby supplies, etc., are hung on the clothesline.2020 christmas ornaments

The side counter is covered with slate

The side cabinet is mainly stacked with some small appliances such as kettles and microwave ovens.

It is easy to spill hot water, soup and oil on the counter in daily use. Use the wooden board of the cabinet as the countertop, which is not anti-scalding or waterproof.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Slate installation for side counter top2020 christmas ornaments

It is not only waterproof, oil-proof, anti-bleeding, wear-resistant and scratch-proof, but also the key to high-grade, which is really fragrant.

I objected before because I was worried that the slate would easily crack and collapse. In fact, as long as it is not used on the kitchen countertop, it will be fine, because the kitchen pots and pans are often moved, and the countertops have to be slotted and spliced, so it is easy to crack.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲More durable than the plate, but also showing the grade2020 christmas ornaments

If it is installed on the sideboard, there is no need to worry about it, and you can use it with confidence.2020 christmas ornaments

Change the color of the entrance door with the car film + fingerprint lock

I think the liver-colored door of the new house is not good-looking, so I always want to change the door, and The family insisted on changing the color, saying that I was simply overspending the money…2020 christmas ornaments

After doing my homework, I learned that the quality of the doors given by the developers is generally good, and it is unnecessary. Pay for replacement.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Tools needed to change the color of the entrance door< /p>

Later, I respected the opinions of the family members and used car film to change the color. After spending more than 100 yuan, the entrance door became the face value of the home, and a fingerprint lock was added at the back. Thats it.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲The effect after color change

< p>It is easy to use, looks good, and saves costs. The color changing method is marked in the picture, you can learn it if you need it, it is very practical.
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▲The car film is used

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▲With a hair dryer, the bubbles can be broken with a needle2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Finally install the fingerprint lock, perfect renovation!

Foot piers are installed at the bottom of the kitchen and bathroom wooden door sets

My kitchen and the dry area of the bathroom use wooden door sets. The bottom of the set is equipped with foot piers, which I think is abrupt and does not match the style.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Moisture-proof stone foot pier

After staying in the house for half a year, I found it really fragrant. If the ground is splashed and damp, the door cover will not be affected. The foot piers are made of stone, which is very durable. After being installed, not only is it not obtrusive, but it is quite beautiful.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲No moisture-proof wooden door cover, easy to mold2020 christmas ornaments

While my friends house and I were renovated and stayed at the same time, the wooden door cover in the dry area of the bathroom was in direct contact with the threshold stone and had been cracked due to moisture.2020 christmas ornaments

easter decorations

Of course, the best policy is to use metal door covers in wet areas, so that there is no need to worry about mold and cracking.2020 christmas ornaments

The pull-out faucet with lifting function is added

At first, I thought that the pull-out faucet is very useful, enough, There is no need to add some fancy lifting functions. But after actually using it, I found out that it is still a pull-out faucet with a lift, which is more fragrant~2020 christmas ornaments

2b5a0a7efa59445b85cb5cd655d3d3f6~noop.image? iz=58558&from=articlespan>Because when shampooing in the sink, the ordinary pull-out faucet still needs to be held with one hand, and only one hand is used to wash hair and squeeze shampoo, which is not so convenient.
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▲ It is said that the bouncer is easy to break.

The reason for the previous objection is that I have not seen it myself, and think that the handle-free cabinet doors are all cabinet doors with a bouncer. Subjectively, I feel that the ejector is easy to break after a long time, and it is not used.2020 christmas ornaments

After learning more, I realized that there are many ways to avoid the handle of the cabinet door, and finally tried the following two methods.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲The protruding position is the invisible door The handle2020 christmas ornaments

is really cool to use, especially the first one, the cabinet door does not need additional processing at all, just make it longer than the lower edge of the hanging cabinet, and It saves money and is easy to use, and it is also the most invisible.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Slotted integrated handle

The cost of the second type is relatively high, so we only add this to some commonly used wardrobes.2020 christmas ornaments

Entrance sensor cats eye light

Because this kind of light is used for charging, I am worried that it will have to be charged after a day or two, which is very troublesome.

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▲Cat eye light (also called hill light)2020 christmas ornaments

But my daughter was clamoring for it, and the price was not expensive, so I bought it. After being installed in the hallway, it is really eye-catching.

The advantage is that when she goes home, when someone passes by, she will automatically turn on, and when you go home at night, you dont have to turn on the headlights. And it has a sense of life ritual.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Ambient Artifact

< span>When people leave, it will automatically turn off, and there is no need to open it 24 hours a day. After the actual test, the durability is quite satisfactory to me. Basically, you can charge it once a month, no hassle.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Can be placed in the kitchen as an auxiliary light2020 christmas ornaments

I think its good at the back. I also installed a set of them under the kitchen wall cabinet. They are magnetically attracted to the ground, and they can be easily removed after they are attached. It feels like the whole kitchen has an improved look and ambience.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Space Aluminum Material , minimalist folding clothes rail

When chopping vegetables, it can also be used as an auxiliary light source. As long as people are there, it will not turn off. It can also be used according to your needs. , turn on the always-on mode, or turn off the mode completely, which is weird.2020 christmas ornaments

Minimal nail-free folding hanger2020 christmas ornaments

The reason for the objection is that the simple I think this small object looks unreliable from the outside, just like plastic, can it bear the weight?2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Space aluminum material, minimalist folding clothes rail

I shut up after using it, it looks plastic, in fact It is lightweight and strong space aluminum. It is mounted on the wall with nail-free glue and is very strong after 48 hours of drying.2020 christmas ornaments

▲The load-bearing capacity reaches 40 pounds

After hanging on the wall, a small one, minimalist and not obtrusive, looks good It is quite high. Because it is mainly used to hang some bath towels, towels, and clean clothes after bathing, the load-bearing coefficient of 40 pounds is completely enough.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Can be absorbed when not in use

When not in use, you can bend its hanging rod upwards 90° to reduce space occupation. That way, you wont have to worry about collisions.2020 christmas ornaments

Full Wall TV Cabinet

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▲Minimalism Storage TV wall

Before, I thought that a full-wall TV cabinet was unnecessary. On the one hand, it would compress the visual area of the living room, and on the other hand, I felt that there would not be so many clutter at home .2020 christmas ornaments

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After living in the house for half a year, now I think about it, thanks to the persistence of my family, Not as I thought. The full wall TV cabinet is really practical. After installing the white minimalist cabinet door, I didnt feel depressed, and the overall visual effect was very atmospheric and invisible.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲comparable to a storage room2020 christmas ornaments

And its really packable and practical. The reason why my living room looks empty is like a model house. Almost all of them benefit from this entire wall of storage cabinets, and part-time work is comparable to an independent storage room.2020 christmas ornaments

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▲Close the cabinet door cleanly2020 christmas ornaments< /p>

Including the 1m2 laundry area mentioned above, because there is no hanging cabinet, we used the adjacent TV wall cabinet to create an exclusive storage area for it.

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▲All kinds of sundries are stored in an orderly manner, easy to access2020 christmas ornaments

In this way, all kinds of cleaning tools, laundry detergents, care liquids, and even fitness equipment can be hidden and stored in an orderly manner. The more I use it, the more refreshing it is~2020 christmas ornaments

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Close the cabinet door, wow, fresh and clean Feels great!

Listen to my advice:2020 christmas ornamentsPlease install as many cabinets as possible within the actual situation and ability. will thank me!

Write at the end:

The decoration is really a worthwhile study The university asks that clever decoration details can really improve the space utilization rate of the house, as well as enhance the user experience and living happiness. I hope this content can bring benefits to you, thank you for reading!2020 christmas ornaments

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