AtthebeginningoftheestablishmentoftheoriginalWhampoaMilitaryAcademy,thegunsitownedwerenotenoughtostandguard,anditwaslateraidhome decor items

Original title: At the beginning of the establishment of the Whampoa Military Academy, the guns it owned were not enough to stand guard, and then it received assistance from the Soviet Union

In June 1922, the revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-sen experienced The most tragic failure in his own life is that Chen Jiongming, the governor of Guangdong Province and the commander-in-chief of the Guangdong army who he has carefully supported for more than ten years, secretly surrendered to the Beiyang warlords, and even sent troops to rebel in Guangzhou. Bombard Sun Yat-sens Grand Presidential Palace. Although Chen Jiongmin, who launched the rebellion in the second year, was expelled from Guangzhou, this rebellion also made Sun Yat-sen completely disappointed with the Western powers such as Britain and the United States, as well as the old-fashioned army. Afterwards, Sun Yat-sen actively contacted the Soviet Union, and also accepted the proposal put forward by the Comintern representative Marin, that is, to establish a military academy and a revolutionary army.interior design styles

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On November 26, 1923, in the tenth meeting of the Provisional Central Committee chaired by Sun Yat-sen, it was decided to establish a Kuomintang military school. On January 24, 1924, the Chinese Kuomintang Army Military Academy began to be established. Because the school was located on Huangpu Island in the southeast of Guangzhou, the school was referred to as Huangpu Military Academy. June 16th was the official opening day of the Whampoa Military Academy. Sun Yat-sen came to the venue and gave a passionate speech to the young people who came to the school.interior design styles

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Although the opening of the Whampoa Military Academy is very solemn, After all, the military academy was only established. Except for the dormitory, it can basically be said to be poor. And even with the full support of Sun Yat-sen, it is still difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, not to mention that there were still many armed forces such as the Jianguo Xiang Army and Jianguo Dian Army in Guangzhou at that time. Money has guns, and the logistics and quarters departments also choose to be the first to curry favor with them. Sun Yat-sen once specially approved 300 Cantonese-made rifles to be used by the Whampoa Military Academy, but the Whampoa Military Academy finally got only 30, which is not enough even for the guards to stand guard. It was Liao Zhongkai, the financial department of the Guangzhou revolutionary regime at that time, who was in charge of the preparations for the establishment and funding of the Whampoa Military Academy, but even if he personally came forward to mediate, he still could not get even a gun.interior design styles

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At this time, the Soviet Unions aid ships just arrived at the wharf of Huangpu Island. There were 8,000 weapons on board. Rifles, Rifles Each rifle is equipped with 500 rounds of ammunition and a bayonet. The instructors and students of the Whampoa Military Academy were all elated, and finally they could not worry about guns for the time being. In the second year, four more batches of arms were sent to Guangzhou one after another. The first batch had 4,000 guns, equipped with 4 million rounds of ammunition and 1,000 sabers; the second batch had 9,000 guns, equipped with 3 million. rounds; the third batch had forty machine guns, twelve cannons, and a thousand shells; the fourth batch had five thousand guns, five million rounds, fifty machine guns, and twelve cannons.interior design styles

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These aid weapons helped the establishment and expansion of the Whampoa Military Academy. The Teaching Corps and the First Army provided a lot of equipment. Moreover, the Soviet Union also sent many military advisers, such as Cherepanov, the chief adviser of the Whampoa Military Academy, Galen, who was later known as the chief architect of the Northern Expedition and one of the five Soviet marshals, Warin, the engineer adviser, and Bai, the infantry adviser. Libelev, etc., in short, all kinds of talents are included. They not only assisted the Whampoa Military Academy to do a good job in political and military training, but also compiled a lot of military norms, which laid a foundation for the Whampoa Party and Army to have a strong combat effectiveness in the back.interior design stylesReturn to Sohu, see more

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