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Friends who have renovated should all know that renovation is a very tiring thing. From the beginning to the end of the house, the energy you put in is like fighting a battle. If the renovation is broken, it will affect the living. Experience and mood may be directly related to life safety.grinch christmas tree

So today we will talk about the small details in the decoration process.

1. The storage in the living room must be complete. If conditions permit, it can be used as a TV cabinet on the whole wall, or other storage cabinets can be added. Otherwise, you will really regret it if you live for a long time.grinch christmas tree

2. The kitchen lighting must be bright, and the light source should not be too small, otherwise you can only cut vegetables in the dark.grinch christmas tree

3. The light bulb should preferably be a white light, do not install a yellow light, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to shake.grinch christmas tree

4. The switches of the whole house should be basically in the same horizontal position.

5. The direction of the wall line pipe should minimize turns to prevent damage in the later construction.grinch christmas tree

6. The open wire slot must be horizontal and vertical to ensure safety.

7. The kitchen countertop is high and low, so you dont need to rack your arms when cooking;grinch christmas tree

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8. The kitchen sink is equipped with a large single tank! If you pay attention to the sanitary installation of double tanks, it is convenient to wash the pot later.

9. If you want to clean more easily, choose an under-counter basin for the washbasin, and do not use a glass partition for dry and wet separation. You can use an invisible shower curtain.grinch christmas tree

10. It is best to install a socket with a protective shell in the bathroom, which can effectively prevent the hidden danger of electric shock caused by splashing water.grinch christmas tree

11. At least one or two sockets should be installed on the balcony for future use.grinch christmas tree

12. The waterproofing of the sanitary home is very important. Too thick coating is easy to crack.

13. The switch in the bedroom should not be too far away from the bed, it is too troublesome to turn off the light, and it is cold in winter. They are all far away, and for convenience, a dual-control switch should be installed.grinch christmas tree

14. Do not blow the air conditioner on the bed, it is beautiful and not easy to catch a cold when installed in the corner.grinch christmas tree

15. Design and installation must take into account all kinds of electrical appliances that may be added later, and the more the better when decorating. If it is not enough in the later stage, the use of plug-in row is not only unsightly but also prone to potential safety hazards.grinch christmas tree

So todays decoration knowledge is shared here. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention. In this way, you can leave a message below to contact us, and we will be happy to help you solve the problems encountered in the decoration.grinch christmas tree

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